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The author understands that it is not a simple matter, the author will give you a brief introduction(gallon plant pot). It is important to choose the right position and stop ring cutting for different ages. Here I suggest that you must be too strong for the growth. In the width of the ring cutting, we will talk about the problems encountered in the process of tea cultivation, and the Camellia flower buds stay a few(flat plastic tray), which is what we often say. Sparse buds.

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Not only is it a camellia, it is also like this problem(black plastic plant pots). For the large-flowered camellia, it is ok to keep 1-2 flower buds. If you are sure, you can leave one bud. This quantity is not fixed. We can flexibly arrange according to the age of the camellia, the size of the plant, the degree of robustness, the fertility of the soil, etc. The purpose of the bud is to leave nutrients to a small number of flower buds(plastic grow pots). If the tea is weak, it will stay less. Nitrogen is the mainstay. 

Do we have to scatter(plug trays)? Especially, the characteristic of Camellia is to give up the flowers. Under normal circumstances, if the plants have more flower buds, today's nutrition can't keep up with the buds. This is a kind of self-regulation of plants. Camellia is not the case, it would rather empty the ground and send nutrients to the flower buds(greenhouse supplies pots). This is easy to cause, if there are too many flower buds, the flowers of the camellia will be small, and after the flowers, the tea flowers themselves are not easy to recover.

Generally speaking, as mentioned above, we can decide to keep the number of flower buds according to the actual situation of camellia(gallon nursery pots). If the tea is strong, it will stay more. So when does the tea flower pick the flower buds? Generally, when the size of the soybeans is large, the buds can be picked. It is not necessary to wait until the flower buds are large and then pick up, and the more nutrients are lost later(wholesale greenhouse pots). In order to identify healthy and strong flower buds as much as possible, it is possible to pick up more than the soybeans.

The normal situation is as early as possible(propagation tray). In order to get a more perfect flower pattern, Shulei is a very common management method. Potted Camellia is more prone to this situation. How does the Camellia buds lie? The base and branches of the buds of Camellia are tight. Directly rubbing off the wound surface is relatively large(seed starter trays), we can use a sharp cut or blade to cut off the flower buds to be removed (only 1/5 of the bottom), so that the damaged flower buds will wither and fall.

Then, in some areas, the large flower buds of rice grains can be seen in June(cell trays). Due to the influence of climate, the time of long flower buds in the north and south regions may be slightly different. Camellia takes about 7-8 months from pregnancy to flowering, so care should be taken with care. Almost all the flower friends have heard of the fertilizer of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, which has a wide range of functions(square nursery pots), such as promoting flower bud differentiation, allowing plants to bloom more, and flowering.

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