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Cheap Plastic Garden Nursery Pots For Sale

The common features are: light, porous, and the benefits are obvious(13cm plastic grow pots)! Of course, the biggest characteristic of plastic flower pots is that they can buy 30 small square pots for 10 yuan on a treasure, leaf inserts, ramets, seedlings, casual use, and more flesh. There is no pain in the flower pot! There are many holes in the bottom of the plastic basin. It is breathable and permeable, especially the root-control basin. It is more conducive to the growth of the roots(wholesale nursery pots). The maintenance is not worse than the ceramic basin, but it is more suitable for the summer than the ceramic basin.

(cheap plastic garden nursery pots for sale)The plastic basin is very durable, not afraid of bumping, and can be used for two or three years(16cm plastic grow pots). It is convenient to store, stack it up, put it in the corner, and not occupy the place. The plastic basin is light and thin, and it is easy to move and move. When dealing with rotten roots and changing pots and changing soil, the flesh wall can be squeezed out to remove the flesh. The plastic basin is most suitable for immersing the basin to replenish water(black plastic nursery pots). There are many holes in the bottom of the basin, the water absorption speed is very fast, the hydrating effect is better, and there is no need to worry about rotten roots.

Plastic basins also have shortcomings, such as low face value, leakage of soil, etc.(14cm plastic grow pots), but the problem is not big, a layer of non-woven fabric or toilet paper on the bottom of the basin. After talking about the plastic pots, let's talk about the characteristics of other flower pots. Let's compare them. After choosing flower pots, it is more targeted. The terracotta pots are very permeable, watering is not afraid of rotten roots(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), suitable for summer; but too dry, not long roots, flesh grows slowly, not suitable for newly bought fleshy seedlings.

(cheap plastic garden nursery pots for sale)This type of flower pot is a word, expensive, good-looking, bright colors, and the goods can be instantly changed into expensive goods(16.5cm plastic grow pots). However, the water retention is too strong, the watering is easy to rot, the summer is difficult, and the proportion of granular soil is higher. But the ventilation and water permeability are very poor, novices can control the water, don't use it, otherwise it is easy to be tragedy(plastic nursery pots wholesale)! The tin flower pot is retro literary, but the water permeability is poor, the summer is easy to be heated, the basin soil temperature will be very high, the meat is very Not friendly!

Because the commonly used plastic flower pots are small black square, small color square, gallon pot, Alice pot, etc.(15cm plastic grow pots), the cement pot is relatively strong, not easy to break, suitable for plants that like water, commonly used flower pots are so, of course, recommended, novice It is better to use plastic pots to raise more meat, cost-effective, and the chance of raising the pot is bigger! The gas permeability is stronger(plug trays wholesale). For the flower pot, basically, the area of the bottom hole is large, which means that it is breathable.

(cheap plastic garden nursery pots for sale)Plastic flower pots have the advantage of cost and can be made bigger and better(19cm plastic grow pots). This alone, in terms of maintenance, is not worse than ceramic pots, there is nothing wrong with planting more flesh. It is easy to store, it won't break, and the plastic pots are stacked one on top of the other, so you don't have to worry about it. Storage is easy to be a strong advantage when planting in large quantities or in summer(plastic nursery pots). It is also easy to change the basin. The pressure on the basin wall can be basically taken out.

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