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Cheap Plastic Garden Nursery Pots Wholesale

It is full of fragrance when blooming, and smells like orchids(72 cell propagation trays). The flowering period of the rice orchids is from May to September, or it blooms all year round. The flowers are fragrant and fragrant. It is a plant with better home decoration. A breeze blows, the house is full of fragrance, which is a pleasant thing. The night fragrant is native to southern China. It grows on the hillside shrubs and is cultivated in various provinces and regions in the south(plastic nursery pots). It is very popular among you. Then the night scent usually blooms in a few months?

(cheap plastic garden nursery pots wholesale)Night primrose grows mainly in jungles, woodlands or bushes in subtropical and warm temperate regions(seed starting trays supplier). Sexually warm, humid, sunny, well-ventilated, dry climate, good drainage and loose and fertile soil. Cut off the lower leaves, drought-tolerant, sturdy, not resistant to sputum, not cold-resistant, stop growing after defoliation in winter; long leaves after spring warming(plastic nursery pots wholesale), each section has axillary buds or flower buds, with the growing branches and inflorescences.

It has strong adaptability to the environment, strong vitality and developed root system(200 cell seed starting trays). It begins to bloom every spring and has a long flowering period. It has a high temperature requirement, and the average annual temperature is controlled at about 20 degrees Celsius. Night primrose is a kind of plant that likes fertilizer, so it needs to be fertilized a small amount in the process of its growth. Night scent is also very demanding on water(black plastic nursery pots). It should be watered in the hot summer and keep the soil moist in winter but remember guilty.

(cheap plastic garden nursery pots wholesale)The breeding methods of night primrose mainly include cutting propagation, layering, ramets and seedlings(128 cell seed trays wholesale). In addition to winter, cutting propagation can be carried out. The incision should be smooth, and the branches with strong growth or no pests should be selected. On the same plant, the branches of the upper part of the middle of the year should be selected, and the branches should be shorter(plug trays wholesale), the branches and leaves should be thick, and the tips of the shoots should be full. It is not appropriate to use the branches and lengths that are about to bloom. branch.

Imagine that the bed soil prepared in this way has the characteristics of improving bed temperature(72 cell plug trays supplier), water retention, aeration, fertility, and acidity, and is suitable for rooting and sprouting of branches. The cuttings are treated with ABT rooting powder and other chemicals before cutting, which has the effect of promoting rooting. Cut the cuttings into sections of 8 cm to 12 cm with 2 to 3 buds on the top(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and the incision in the lower part of the cuttings should be 0.5 cm below the knot, leaving only 2 to 3 leaves at the top, and the depth is usually 3 cm. Right and left is appropriate.

(cheap plastic garden nursery pots wholesale)The suitable rooting temperature is 20 ° C to 24 ° C(128 cell plug trays supplier), and the general soil temperature is 3 ° C to 5 ° C higher than the temperature is beneficial to rooting. The most commonly used bed air has a relative humidity of 80% to 90%, which is beneficial to rooting and requires about 30% illumination. The moisture should be suitable, the water at the beginning of the cutting is slightly larger, and the later is slightly dry. The suitable period for open field cutting is from early May to mid-June(wholesale nursery pots). At this time, a good climate is good, which can better meet the temperature and humidity conditions required for rooting of cuttings.

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