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The production area is now in Taiwan. We are in Colombia(plastic terracotta pots). Papaya is applied with nitrogen once a month within 4 months after transplantation, each plant is 10, 10, 20 and 30 grams, followed by once every two months, each time is 50 grams, the total annual nitrogen application rate is 366 kg / ha, the yield can reach 66 kg per plant(20 gallon nursery pots), in Taiwan, that is, 110 tons per hectare.

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In the process of growing papaya, the nutrients required are very large, and most of them are obtained from chemical fertilizers(50 cell trays bulk). Papaya is also called papaya, and its medical value is very high. The annual application rate of organic fertilizer is recommended to be 15 g / plant nitrogen, equivalent to 5 kg / plant of rotten pig manure, or 4-6 kg / plant of cattle pen(deep cell plug trays). Brazil recommends 343 grams of nitrogen fertilizer per plant per year.(cheap plastic garden plant pots suppliers kuwait)

Therefore, the application of chemical fertilizers for papaya is generally 1000 kg / ha(98 cell trays bulk). The top dressing depends on actual needs. The sand texture is fertilized every 1-1.5 months, 100-150 grams each time, and the loam is applied every 2-3 months, 200-300 grams each time, that is about 1.25 kg per plant per year(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). The young trees are applied with annular furrows, and the trees are applied with strip furrows or furrow furrows.

(cheap plastic garden plant pots suppliers kuwait)It is understood that the results of research in India indicate that it is recommended to apply 200 grams of nitrogen per year, 300 grams of phosphorus pentoxide(105 cell trays bulk), and 600 grams of potassium oxide per plant of papaya to obtain better yield, although the winter is very cold, while the fruit quality is 200 grams of nitrogen and 200 phosphorus pentoxide(bulk pots). Grams, and summer is different, 200 grams of potassium oxide is better. 

When choosing flower pots, it is not a winter that does not give a little water, but long-term rain is not conducive to succulent growth, you need to pay attention(162 cell trays bulk). When we water the violets, we must adhere to the principle of not drying or pouring, and pouring to stop the watering(plastic planters bulk). When the weather is very hot, we must carefully place the violets next to the potted medium, the roots of the African violets and Jing is very fragile.

So long-term outdoor maintenance, succulent and succulent(200 cell trays bulk), we plant pots of violets, each pot can only have one African violet, we open a pot, take the root ball out of the pot, because of the development of seeds It is very difficult to bloom violets, African violets have many colors, such as blue, pink, purple, we are even more colors(shallow microgreen trays). Next, let me teach you the basic knowledge of how to grow African violets indoors.(cheap plastic garden plant pots suppliers kuwait)

He is one of the important positions of Neisheng. With the rain in the nature, it is more conducive to the development of African violets(112 cell trays bulk). Many people who like indoor cultivation of flowers This kind of mixed soil, many vegetable farmers are used to transplanting seedlings of melons and vegetables when they are transplanting(plastic planters suppliers), that is, first ditching and applying bottom fertilizer, and then transplanting seedlings of melons and vegetables.

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