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Cheap Plastic Garden Plant Pots Wholesale Suppliers

Stop the first seedling when the seedlings have 1 or 2 true leaves to prevent the seedlings from being crowded(cheap plant containers for sale). 3 or 4 true leaves stop the second seedling, the important thing is to stay strong and weak, and stop the seedlings. In order to make the fleshy root epidermis color uniform, there can be no "green head"(2 gallon pots wholesale), and the stripping method is adopted to facilitate the stop of the soil during the period of the fleshy root expansion.

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In addition, the method of furrow irrigation is adopted, and the amount of watering is preferably soaked(hydroponic trays for sale). In the seedling stage, less water is needed, so it is necessary to water less, so as to prevent seedlings, inhibit the development of shallow roots, and promote the deep roots and deep soil layers(4 inch plastic pots bulk). At the beginning of the development of the leaves, the fleshy roots are gradually becoming larger and the water needs more and more.(cheap plastic garden plant pots wholesale suppliers)

From the seedling to the harvest(plastic bonsai pots for sale), a total of 2-3 times of topdressing can be used to apply 150 kg of decomposed manure and urine, or 10 to 15 kg of urea per watering. In case of excessive development of the aboveground part, spray paclobutrazol at a concentration of 100 mg/l for 1 or 2 times, with a time interval of about 10 days. Generally, it takes about half a month to fully ferment and decompose(4 inch plastic plant pots). Each time the seedlings are combined with cultivating weeding and loosening the soil. 

At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the soil and see the wetness(green plastic hanging baskets). The fleshy roots should be evenly supplied during the vigorous development period, which can improve the quality and obtain high yield. In the southern region, heavy rains need to be drained in real time to avoid water accumulation(heavy duty plastic plant pots). After sowing, it is necessary to pour enough water, and the plots with poor moisture and convenient irrigation and drainage can stop the irrigation. 

(cheap plastic garden plant pots wholesale suppliers)Covered with wheat straw, hay, etc(3 inch succulent pots). In order to increase the emergence rate of carrots, it is best to stop the planting time every morning or after four o'clock in the afternoon. After sowing, the soil should be evenly distributed and the seeds should not be exposed. Before sowing, before the emergence of the seedlings, in case of dry weather, it can be drenched in the morning, or it can be drenched in the evening(deep plastic plant pots). Before the emergence, the soil must be kept moist.

The former is caused by drought. It can be sprayed with 70% thiophanate-methyl WP 800 times to avoid spreading(plastic starter plant pots). The latter occurs in high temperature and rainy season. Remove the diseased plants and stop the soil disinfection with quicklime. Pests are important for mites and mites, cabbage caterpillars, and cabbage budworms(plastic plant pots ireland). They can be stopped with high-efficiency and low-toxic pesticides such as trichlorfon baits or kung fu.

Moreover, the method of making fermented tea water is also very simple(one gallon pot). Originally, we can put the remaining tea dregs into the mineral water bottle, so after filling the right amount of water, seal it, then expose the bottle to the sun to promote its fermentation. When the water quality deteriorates(two gallon pot), it is only necessary to dilute the ferrous sulfate to water to a low concentration solution before application.(cheap plastic garden plant pots wholesale suppliers)

The solution is: remove the sundries, when the sensation is poor(1 gallon pots bulk), the meat roots should avoid excessive water in the late stage of development, so as not to crack the roots. The seedlings are planted at a distance of about 15 cm, and 27,000 to 32,000 plants per mu. The diseases of autumn carrots are mainly black leaf blight and black rot(10 gallon plastic plant pots). During the germination period, the water is covered to facilitate the emergence of seedlings. 

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