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Cheap Plastic Garden Planters Wholesale Price

Our most commonly used two-color basin is the plastic two-color basin(gallon plant pot). This should be more clear. Because we just mentioned the classification of the common two-color basin, I think everyone should know more about it. So what should we pay attention to when using the two-color basin? Matters? This question must be understood(flat plastic tray), so as not to bring us a lot of troubles that can not be solved or can not be solved, we will study together. The cotton seedlings on the vents are more susceptible to cold and even freezing.(cheap plastic garden planters wholesale price)

Poor cotton quality, low seeding quality, poor management of seedbeds, etc., will result in empty seedlings(propagation tray). Remove the rotten seeds and tender seeds before sowing, and choose to sun-dried for 2 to 3 days. Drain and wet when sowing. After the soil is placed, water is poured, and the seeds are soaked with seeds to allow the seeds to absorb moisture. Seed 1 to 2 seeds per stalk, cover 1 to 1.5 cm of sand after sowing(plastic grow pots). The cover seed sand is required to be fine and moist, creating a moist and loose environment for the seeds to germinate and unearth.

First, after emergence(gallon nursery pots), sunny days do not pay attention to timely ventilation, easy to cause high temperature burning seedlings, in severe cases, cotton seedlings will be burned to death, resulting in lack of seedlings. We will do a good job in unwinding the ventilation and cooling measures to prevent extreme high temperature hazard cotton seedlings around noon on sunny days. Generally, the bed temperature should be kept at 25 ° C ~ 30 ° C after emergence(greenhouse supplies pots). Cold-proof: If the film is not covered in time after uncovering the film, the temperature will drop sharply, and the cotton seedlings will be exposed to cold.

(cheap plastic garden planters wholesale price)According to the change of temperature, the two ventilation smelters are uncovered, and there is no need to uncover the film on cloudy days(cell trays). When the average temperature is between 16 °C and 18 °C, the daylighting cover can be used to refine the seedlings. The film is usually uncovered at 9:00 am and the film is re-covered at 5 pm. Nutritional alfalfa seedlings grow fast under high temperature and high humidity conditions in the membrane. If improperly managed, they will become a line seedling and will not meet the requirements of strong seedlings(wholesale greenhouse pots). After emergence and time of seedlings, one seedling per seedling is kept to prevent crowding.

Moderately reduce temperature and humidity, and slow down the growth rate of seedlings(plug trays). The third is to use strong seedlings. In the period when the cotyledons are flattened to the distraction phase, the cotton seedlings are sprayed once with a 250-fold (or modulating amine, 4,000-5000 times) chemical solution at noon, and the film is kept warm after the liquid is dried, which has significant Strong seedling effect. The fourth is to move the seedlings(seed starter trays). Move 1 time when the first true leaf is unfolded, reduce temperature and humidity, inhibit prosperous growth, and promote lateral root development.(cheap plastic garden planters wholesale price)

Ventilation and refining, one-time pouring, after the cotton seedlings are unearthed until the 3rd leaf period(black plastic plant pots), if the cotton seedlings have a prolonged trend, the number of relocations can be increased, and the fertilizer and water can be properly controlled to control the madness. The main diseases of cotton seedlings are anthracnose and blight. If the prevention is not effective, it will cause a lot of dead seedlings(square nursery pots). Precautionary measures: Do a good job of disinfecting the nutrient, soil and seeds. The nutrient and cover soil are formulated with 20% rice amphibious wettable powder.

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