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Cheap Plastic Garden Pots Wholesale Price Chile

Figs belong to arbor, the crown is round, and the tree is beautiful(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Making it into a pot, it has great ornamental value, and its fruits are delicious and delicious, and have high medicinal value. But for potted lovers, cuttings are the most convenient way to breed(cell plug trays). Potted figs can be propagated by cuttings in addition to cuttings, which are usually made by high-altitude beading.

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I will tell you about the potted fig high-altitude beading technology: the figs are propagated by high-altitude beading technology(seed starter trays), and the survival rate is chosen to be higher in this time period. From the ground-grown fig tree, select the strong growing upper branch as the bead(plastic tree pots). The selected branch is required to have 3-4 branched branches, and the branch is an old branch with fruit on it.(cheap plastic garden pots wholesale price chile)

The ring is peeled from a position about 8-10 cm below the branch(black plastic nursery pots). Use a sharp knife edge to peel off the cortex with a width of about 1 cm at the selected location of the branch. Then use a knife to cut the plastic bottle vertically, and cut the bottom of the bottle to the center of the circle(greenhouse pots). Then use it to peel off the ring on the previous branches to prevent wrapping, with the bottom of the bottle facing down and the mouth of the bottle facing up.

Tie the bottom of the bottle with a rope to prevent the culture soil from leaking out of the bottom of the bottle(plastic nursery pots). We can see through the transparent plastic shell that white roots have sprouted in the plastic bottle. At the same time, many pot friends like to eat lemon, especially drink lemon soda(plastic plant pots bulk). Prepare an empty mineral water plastic bottle, cut it off and cut off the lower part. After selecting the branches for squaring, the next step is squaring.(cheap plastic garden pots wholesale price chile)

This completes the operation of the high-altitude beading(plug trays wholesale). Since our high-altitude bedding propagation is operated with leaves, and because there are many leaves on the branches, the nutrients known under photosynthesis will be transported to the branches of the branches, and the nutrients in the cultivated soil will also transport nutrients to the rings(7 gallon nursery pots). As more nutrients accumulate, this prompts the circumcision site to germinate quickly.

(cheap plastic garden pots wholesale price chile)If more than half a month or so(plastic nursery pots wholesale), the root system will be covered with the bottom of the plastic bottle, then we can remove the plastic bottle and peel it from the ring. Cut it at an appropriate position below, so that the new seedling is separated from the mother plant into a single tree seedling(plastic bonsai pots). After cutting off and separating the young plants from the mother plants, we need to carry out pot transplanting in time.

In this way, after the pot is completed, the slow seedling can only be allowed to receive light when it resumes normal growth(square nursery pots). Then carry out the normal maintenance management, which becomes a pot of new figs that we plant. The amount of fertilizer and the frequency of fertilization should be determined according to the climate and environment of the growth of the lemon in time(5 gallon nursery pots). It can also be sprayed with some new high-fat film.(cheap plastic garden pots wholesale price chile)

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