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Cheap Plastic Garden Pots Wholesale Price Peru

Purple cabbage can also be called purple cabbage, purple cabbage or purple anise white(200 cell seed trays wholesale). It is a semi-hardy vegetable. It is rich in vitamin C, vitamin U and more vitamins E and B. Today, I will briefly talk about it Purple cabbage cultivation techniques and field management points(5 gallon nursery pots supplier). When fertilizing, more than 80% of the fertilizer should be applied during the base fertilizer period.

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Generally, the sowing temperature of purple cabbage in spring must be higher than 13 degrees, and sufficient light must be ensured, otherwise insufficient light will hinder the anthocyanin synthesis and lead to the phenomenon of back to green(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). When the temperature of purple cabbage is too high, we must take measures to reduce the temperature to prevent high temperature nodule(7 gallon nursery pots supplier). In the fall, the seeds are planted around the beginning of autumn.

(cheap plastic garden pots wholesale price peru)The seedbed per mu of land is 65-80㎡, and the amount of seed used is 50-60g(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). Before sowing, the remaining stubble plants and weeds are removed, and at the same time, 2,000 kg of decomposed and sieved organic fertilizer is applied per acre of land(14 gallon nursery pots supplier). Precise ground preparation, leveling into 6-8 meters long and 15 meters wide hoe, ditch seeding according to 10cm line spacing, and then cover with soil and water.

In the summer, purple cabbage can be planted by live broadcasting(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). You can use 100-150g per acre of land. Before sowing, remove the remaining stubbles and weeds. Apply rotten and finely crushed acres 2500 kg of organic fertilizer, after flattening the raking harrow to make a ridge height of 6-8 meters at a pitch of 50-55cm, 2 rows per planting(15 gallon nursery pots supplier), average row spacing of 45-55 cm, plant spacing of 23 cm, each 3000-35000 plants.

Loquat can be pickled or used for pickles, etc. It is cultivated in greenhouses and greenhouses and cultivated in spring(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Properly control water and fertilizer in the early stage to avoid high humidity caused by high density and breed bacteria. At the same time, sufficient light should be ensured(gallon plant pots wholesale). When purple cabbage has 5-7 true leaves, it can be planted. The temperature of the planting at night should be controlled at 13 degrees.(cheap plastic garden pots wholesale price peru)

Purple cabbage is poured in small water during the filling period to satisfy the moisture supply(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Topdressing was carried out in two steps. The first time was to apply 500kg of rotten organic fertilizer per acre after the seedling was opened, and the second time was used to open the hole per acre or 25kg of organic fertilizer was applied after the ball-setting period(half gallon nursery pots wholesale). At the same time, the planting depth should not be too deep.

(cheap plastic garden pots wholesale price peru)Generally, when greenhouse cultivation is adopted, ventilation and cooling should be paid attention to, and the temperature in the greenhouse should be 25 degrees during the day and 13 degrees at night(7 gallon nursery pots wholesale). After emergence, the seedlings will be planted 1-2 times and combined with cultivating loose soil. It is required that the temperature during the day is 18-22 degrees and the temperature at night is 10-12 degrees(cheapest 2 gallon pots). It can be boiled, fried, and mixed.

The tadpole is that the gold needle has no special inclination, and it is necessary to stop the cultivation of soil (no damage to the rhizome) and timely harvest(10 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The base fertilizer is mainly fermented and rotten organic fertilizer. The slim bowl lotus is small and chic, and the color is light and elegant(2 gallon plant container wholesale). Key points for hydroponics: Add half a pot of pastoral soil or river pond mud into the pot, soak it in water two weeks in advance, and do not fertilize.

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