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A common family potted plant, the leaves are oblate, rich and lush(40 cell trays bulk), very beautiful, can the peony spider orchids be hydroponically cultivated? If the temperature is high in the early stage of hydroponic peony, in order to prevent water deterioration, it is necessary to change the water every three days or so. If the temperature is low in winter, change the water in about 15 days. The rooting process does not require the addition of nutrient solution(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Hydroponic peony can not be directly exposed to the sun, which will lead to rapid wilting.

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(cheap plastic garden pots wholesale suppliers california)Remove the leaves and side branches in the lower half(12 cell trays bulk). Don't be too long or too short. The upper part is cut into flat mouth. The effect of winter hydroponics is 20 roots and the root length is 4-8cm. It is easy to infect bacteria and should be placed in a cool place with plenty of light. I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar? Peony is a kind of evergreen plant with red flowers, which is not only highly ornamental(plastic nursery pots). It can also purify the air and absorb the radiation, which is good for human health!

However, some peony orchids that are raised by flowers are not flowering(40 cell tray in bulk). What should I do? The most entangled thing about raising peony is that peony is not flowering. Although it can be used as a potted plant, it looks like someone else’s peony is blue. Flowers, my family's peony spider orchids are all green leaves every day, the flower friends can not calm down(black plastic nursery pots), in fact, the reason why the peony is not blooming, mostly because of the flower habits of the flower friends is not good.(cheap plastic garden pots wholesale suppliers california)

Too often watering will cause the plants to absorb a large amount of nitrogen and phosphorus for the growth of stems and leaves(18 cell trays bulk), while the potassium fertilizer which is hardly soluble in water will not be replenished in time, which will affect the flowering and fruit setting, so some peony orchids in the flower family will be There are cases where the leaves are leafy and there is no flower. When the flower friends are routinely curing, if you don't want to raise a potted plant, it is necessary to control the water(wholesale nursery pots). If you maintain it indoors for a long time, it is difficult to flower.

(cheap plastic garden pots wholesale suppliers california)Flowering during the day, now it is winter(51 cell trays bulk), many flowers have entered the dormant period, so I didn't want to write peony orchids, but this flower I have raised for many years, absolutely how to raise it will not die, a little thought to be beautiful, flowering Super long labor model flower. The peony hanging orchid period is particularly long, and it has been blossoming until it is almost winter(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Of course, the best flower season is still in spring and May, and then the amount of flowers will not be so big.

Winter is a dormant period, and it does not grow long without flowering leaves(36 cell trays bulk). To say how long the flowering period of peony spider orchids is, we need to say from two aspects: one is a single flowering period, and the other is a whole flowering period; in general, the single flowering period of peony spider orchid can be opened for two or three days and closed at night; The flowering period of the whole pot can last for 3-4 months, that is, from spring to autumn, the flowering continues in this period(plug trays wholesale), and it is the most vigorous in July-August.

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