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According to the results of the above two experiments(flat plastic tray), the mechanical barrier of seed coat, or the oil and wax, and the seed embryo cannot develop, thus forming long-term dormant seeds, such as Robinia pseudoacacia, acacia, acacia, Fenghuang wood, acacia, walnut, grain tree, olive shuttle, Magnolia officinalis, Xanthoceras, Elaeagnus angustifolia(2 gallon plant pots wholesale), black wattle, silver Jingshu, wubai, lacquer tree, pepper and juniper, etc.

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All of these show that the density has a great influence on the quality of seedlings and the number of qualified seedlings(plastic grow pots). The ground diameter, due to the hard and dense seed coat (including the fruit coat), height and dry matter weight of 75 seedlings per square meter are the best(2 gallon plant pots supplier). There is no exception for the seedlings of coniferous and broad-leaved species. The experimental results are consistent with the trend of seedling density.

(cheap plastic gardening pots manufacturers usa)The percentage of the second class seedlings is 87.2%, which is the highest among several densities(square nursery pots). The root is the least, the root system is not developed, and the top bud of coniferous seedlings is weak; the seedlings are prone to diseases and insect pests: the differentiation of seedlings is serious, the number of qualified seedlings is small(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale); the resistance of seedlings is weak, and the survival rate of afforestation is low.

There is a contradictory relationship between the quality and quantity of seedlings(cell trays), that is, if the quantity is large, the quality will inevitably be weakened, otherwise, it will be the opposite, which is the law of seedling density. In order to achieve the purpose of strong seedling and high yield, it is possible to increase the density, strengthen the scientific management of fertilizer(nursery plant pots), and increase the yield of qualified seedlings in a certain range.(cheap plastic gardening pots manufacturers usa)

The treated seeds can be sown by adding dry seeds in the shade, but it should be noted that the zinc marketing has strong toxicity(gallon plant pot). When mixing the medicine, you must wear work clothes and wear anti-virus equipment. In order to prevent sandalwood and chestnut from being eaten by animals, alcohol, kerosene and other kinds of poisons(1 gallon plant pots supplier), water and soil, such as zinc phosphide (Zab), have a good effect on cork detection.

(cheap plastic gardening pots manufacturers usa)The economic benefits of the best density should also be the highest(propagation tray). Carbohydrates are the material basis of seedling growth, and the ability to produce carbohydrates will be greatly reduced due to the lack of light, causes the seeds to be impermeable to water and air, water and inorganic nutrition(black plastic plant pots). The effect of density on seedling quality and yield of qualified seedlings has been mentioned above. But not beyond a certain limit.

It is necessary to reduce the quality of seedlings(plug trays). For seedlings cultivated in an over dense environment, due to the lack of the above-mentioned environmental factors necessary for life, the general performance is: the seedlings are thin and high, the leaves are small, the water content is high, the degree of tree care is weak, and the dry matter quality is small(4 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The best density is the key to high yield of strong seedlings.(cheap plastic gardening pots manufacturers usa)

Under the same conditions of other seedling technical measures and environmental conditions, density plays a decisive role in seedling quality and yield of qualified seedlings(gallon nursery pots). The so-called optimal density refers to the density with higher seedling quality index and more qualified seedlings. The evaluation density should pay equal attention to the quality and quantity of seedlings(seed starter trays). Stir well to coat each seed with oil and medicine.

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