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Because there is also a kind of "Bayer small green pill" effect is very good(7 gallon plant pot), this is a kind of medicine buried in the soil, after the succulent plants absorb, mix with water in the body, the insects will inhale the medicine and be killed when they eat the root system(14 cm plant pots). In fact, it is not necessary to use drugs. When the amount of meat is large, it can be washed under water and cleaned up quickly.

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There are also manual cleaning methods, but it is relatively troublesome(half gallon nursery pots wholesale). However, I recommend this method. After all, it will not cause secondary pollution to the soil. It can be used again after soaking for a long time. The way to clean up the "root powder" is to clean up all the soil stained with "root powder". After a few more experiences, you will be ok if you know how to deal with it(15cm plastic plant pots). It's no less than a few days.

(cheap plastic gardening pots wholesale suppliers australia)The flowerpot should be cleaned with steel wire ball and soaked in disinfectant(2 gallon pots). The drug resistance of "root powder" is very strong, and the use of common drugs has little effect. The most common and effective drugs are "Bizhi" and "kuaixiao". However, the two drugs are very strong in drug properties(seed starting tray wholesale). We must pay attention to the ratio of water to water, otherwise it is easy to damage the plant itself.

Aphid is very common, rose, other herbaceous small green plants often appear in their tracks(5 gallon plant pots). The fleshy roots stained with "root powder" were pruned off, and the roots were cleaned with water, and then soaked in potassium permanganate solution for 5 minutes(garden pots wholesale). After soaking, just like the flowerpot, it needs to be cleaned again. Only disinfection effect, no insecticidal effect, will not cause harm to plants.

You can take it downstairs and expose it to the sun for two months(3 gallon plant pot). Then return some fertilizer and pour it into the flower bed in the yard. Some flower friends who are sensitive to insects are at a loss when they see the insects and begin to tumble about. If you think about it carefully(6 cell plant trays), since you have found the insect, you should first understand the insect and then apply the right medicine to the case.(cheap plastic gardening pots wholesale suppliers australia)

Have you ever thought about why there are insects? Where did the mass outbreak of aphids come from(4 gallon nursery pots wholesale)? In fact, adult aphids can fly, and it is more convenient to have wings. In addition, aphids reproduce very fast, which is why there are no pests when the plants are brought home, and a large number of aphids appear suddenly after a while(50 cell plug trays). The common aphid is green, there is a black aphid, the two habits are similar.

(cheap plastic gardening pots wholesale suppliers australia)The destructive ability of this aphid is also very strong(1 gallon plant pot), because the super reproductive ability will change into aphid army in a few days, and will soon dry up the branches, destroy the stem parts, and can spread rapidly through the flight or crawling of adults(15 gallon pots for plants). However, it is a relatively easy to deal with insects, a small number of aphids can be removed directly by hand. The longer the pot is, the better.

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