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Lemon is an evergreen small tree of Citrus in Rutaceae(plug trays wholesale). In general, the flowers are solitary, open all the year round, with strong fragrance. The fruit is oval or ovate, mature in autumn and winter. The peel is yellow, the pulp is extremely sour and fragrant, the juice is citric acid, and the peel can be used to extract lemon oil(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). Of course, if 500kg is applied to each plant, the yield of each plant can reach 73kg.

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During the spring shoot sprouting from February to March, the first fertilization was carried out(seed starter trays), and some available nitrogen fertilizer was applied respectively. The trees with more weak wood and flowers should be applied more, while the trees with strong wood and less flowers should be applied less or not(3 gallon nursery pots bulk). The amount of nitrogen fertilizer accounted for 10-15% of the total amount of the whole year, promoting the healthy growth of spring flowers.(cheap plastic germination flats manufacturer)

The amount of fertilizer applied is large(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale), nitrogen accounts for 40% of the annual amount, and phosphorus and potassium account for 50% respectively. Two fertilizer pits are opened at each drip line, 30-40 cm deep, to ensure that the mother branches of autumn shoots are strong and the spring flowers are well differentiated(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). For the fourth time, after fruit picking in November and before the temperature drops, the deep fertilization should be applied again.

In the other two sides of autumn fertilization, the deep excavation pit(square nursery pots), the amount of nitrogen fertilizer application accounts for 40% of the annual amount, phosphorus, potassium fertilizer accounts for 40%, mainly green fertilizer, slag fertilizer and other organic slow effect fertilizer. In the second fertilization, 0.3% urea solution was sprayed for many times after flower withering and before fruit expansion, combined with fruit conservation and insect control(7 gallon nursery pots bulk), to timely supplement the loss of tree nutrients after flowering and increase the fruit bearing capacity.

(cheap plastic germination flats manufacturer)Therefore, the yield of each tree in the past two years is determined by the amount of fertilization(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Based on the annual yield of 30 kg, 0.3 kg of pure nitrogen, 0.2 kg of pure phosphorus, 0.2 kg of pure potassium, about 0.6 kg of urea, 1.0 kg of superphosphate and 0.5 kg of potassium chloride should be applied to each tree(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). According to the experiment, the 15-year-old lemon tree is fed with milk cow dung 4 times a year, each plant is 150 kg, and the average yield is 48 kg.

However, the fertilization of the bamboo is generally based on the mature organic cake fertilizer and the mash residue fertilizer(black plastic plant pots), which is afraid of the thick fertilizer and the raw fertilizer. Therefore, in general, when the nutrients in the basin are insufficient, because the plant can not get enough nutrients to maintain normal growth, its branches and leaves will appear the phenomenon of lack of fertilizer and yellowing(plastic grow pots). But basin soil is easy to harden after being used for a long time, thus affecting the infiltration of water and fertilizer.

It is also easy to cause fertilizer damage(propagation tray), so that in the case of damage to the root system, it is easy to make potted plants appear yellow branches and leaves, falling off and other phenomena. It is necessary to apply fertilizer scientifically to potted bamboo, based on the principle of "thin fertilizer and less application", and preferably combined with watering(greenhouse supplies pots). Therefore, in addition to reasonable fertilization, basin soil should be changed regularly.(cheap plastic germination flats manufacturer)

It is understood that the principle of chemical fertilizer application for lemon trees is to apply deep autumn fertilizer and fruit picking fertilizer(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), and to see that trees are supplemented with pre flower fertilizer and ear fruit fertilizer, so as to make the first half young and the second half heavy. The scientific and reasonable application of fertilizer to supplement nutrients can avoid withering and yellowness of branches and leaves, and at the same time(nursery plant pots), it can make the bamboo green, moist, lustrous and full of vitality.

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