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In order to raise potted plants(nursery plant pots), we need to understand and master their growth habits in advance, and then create a breeding environment according to the habits of the plants, in order to promote the plants to grow in the normal direction. The same is true for potted jasmine. Because it is a flower plant that likes acidic pots, we need to formulate culture soil according to this feature(15 cell trays bulk). How to apply ferrous sulfate in potted jasmine?

(cheap plastic germination pots wholesale supplier)The acidity of the soil can be adjusted by pouring some ferrous sulfate dilution to make it more suitable for plant growth(gallon pot). Especially during the growth period of jasmine, it is possible to keep a ferrous sulfate dilution solution with a concentration of 0.2% or less every 2 weeks. This will not only make the pottery soil acidic(21 cell trays bulk), but also make its branches grow more lush, the leaves are more pure, the flowers are more large, and the flowers are more intense.

Of course, we also need to apply ferrous sulfate in combination with the actual practice of potted jasmine(seed starting trays). If the jasmine is grown indoors and the plants grow slowly, it is usually easy to spray a thin ferrous sulfate. If the leaves of jasmine are found to be yellow, we can spray them again after a while(32 cell trays bulk). If the water and fertilizer are applied well, jasmine will generally not cause iron deficiency.(cheap plastic germination pots wholesale supplier)

It is recommended that you usually use the rotten rice water instead of water and fertilizer for pouring(large plastic terracotta pots). However, if the jasmine potted plants are planted outdoors, we can regularly apply some ferrous sulfate dilution during the growing season. However, if the outdoor temperature is relatively high, it is generally not advisable to use the method of spraying foliar fertilizer to carry out top dressing(50 cell trays bulk), and it is better to carry out top dressing by means of pouring, and keep it once a week, also in the thin and low concentration.

(cheap plastic germination pots wholesale supplier)It is also relatively strong in growth, and the time for pouring the ferrous sulfate dilution solution should be carried out after 6 pm(square grow pots), and then watered again with the big water on the next morning to avoid the occurrence of fat damage due to excessive residual iron. Root system. However, the ferrous sulfate solution is not suitable for long-term application(72 cell trays bulk). Although jasmine prefers the acidic soil basin environment, the slightly acidic soil tends to promote the growth of the plant and determines the rooting ability.

In the case of iron deficiency and yellowing in jasmine leaves(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), timely intake of some ferrous sulfate will effectively improve this phenomenon. However, it should be noted that most flower plants in nature have an acidic taste, but Gypsophila is not an acid-like flower plant, which tends to be more alkaline(98 cell trays bulk). When we prepare the seedling substrate for it, we should also make the soil slightly alkaline, which is more conducive to the growth of seedlings.

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