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Cheap Plastic Germination Trays Wholesale Suppliers USA

Entering October, when the weather changes, the temperature changes day by day(50 cell seed starter trays). In the process of raising flowers, you should be prepared to cool down. A cluster of emerald succulent leaves, with small white spots, very cute and very cute, close to the edge of the leaves, there are thorn-like teeth on the edge of the leaves, revealing a bit of mighty, can only be seen from afar and can not be played(plug trays wholesale), this is today The hero who is about to debut, Aloe Vera. As far as the present is concerned, as winter approaches, temperatures in various places gradually decline.

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(cheap plastic germination trays wholesale suppliers usa)How to make aloe safe for the winter needs to be taken seriously(72 cell seed starter trays). If plants can also be used as pets, aloe vera can be said to be a pet that people love. This plant is active in the fields of medicine, beauty, health care, food and enjoyment because of its tenacious vitality, beautiful shape and unique chemical composition(black plastic nursery pots). Legend has it that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra in the country has a mysterious pool, and she often bathes in the clear blue of this pool.

Low temperature is a fatal factor for aloe, and time is like a white pass(seed propagation trays). Year after year, the queen has maintained an unremarkable face. Later, people found in the decaying site of the Egyptian dynasty that the liquid in the pool was actually the juice of aloe. Potted aloe vera has stricter temperature requirements. When the temperature is lower than 5 °C, its growth will be stagnant. The lower the temperature, the greater the damage to aloe(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Therefore, if there is heating in the room, the potted aloe can be directly moved into the house for winter.

(cheap plastic germination trays wholesale suppliers usa)If the temperature can not be guaranteed above 5 °C, you should take warm measures: you can dig a rectangular pit(18 cell seed starting trays), put the potted aloe into the pit, use a bamboo frame on it, and put a double plastic film seal. If the temperature is too low at night, Cover the quilt or grasshopper, and uncover the film at noon during the day to ventilate. When the weather is cold, the number of watering can be reduced or not watered(wholesale nursery pots). Keep the aloe vera soil dry. It is recommended to water the water once every 15-20 days. If the indoor air is dry, the leaf surface water spray can be appropriately performed.

It not only achieves the dust removal of the leaves(20 cell seed starting trays), but also reduces the evaporation of water, which is conducive to keeping the leaves green and green. The topdressing operation of potted aloe vera, in addition to the rational application of organic fertilizer, should also be applied in time, and it is more appropriate to carry out one-time application in 40-50 days in cold winter. Usually, it is poured with a urea solution having a concentration of not more than 2%, and the foliar fertilizer concentration should not exceed 0.1%(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Aloe vera should be more sunny in the winter to avoid darkness. Aloe vera can be placed in a sheltered place or on a south-facing balcony.

(cheap plastic germination trays wholesale suppliers usa)Through the history of the millennium, we can feel the natural skin care effect of aloe(40 cell seed starting trays). In addition, a transparent plastic bag is placed on the outside of the plant to increase the temperature and humidity without affecting the sun. Maintain the permeability of the soil, properly loosen the potting soil, and use the single- or double-toothed scorpion made of bamboo or iron wire to loosen the soil at a depth of 1.5-2 cm(plastic nursery pots). The cultivation of potted aloe vera can basically ensure the safety of aloe vera during the winter.

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