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Farmers who grow pepper know that pepper is prone to premature aging(8 cell trays bulk), which is a common phenomenon in the process of pepper planting. Therefore, it will increase the amount of fertilizer, and finally lead to the harm of pepper. In fact, the premature aging of pepper is caused by many reasons(72 cell seed starting trays). Let's take a look at the symptoms, causes and prevention measures of pepper premature aging.

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The plant is thin and short, the leaves are small and sparse, the color of the leaves is dim and lusterless, the fruit ripens late and the yield is low(6 cell trays bulk). The premature senescence of capsicum is mainly caused by insufficient water and fertilizer, poor organic nutrition, extensive management, disease and insect damage and falling seedling(104 cell trays bulk). It has been proved that the yield of Capsicum can be significantly increased by pruning reasonably.(cheap plastic greenhouse trays manufacturer)

After the first batch of pepper is picked (at this time, the pepper seedling is in the stage of stopping), 8 branches growing above 4 big branches near the base shall be cut off(wholesale nursery pots). In addition, the management of water and fertilizer should be strengthened, and the 4 branches growing near the base should be well ventilated and transparent(51 cell trays bulk), so as to avoid the phenomenon of falling flowers and rotten fruits and increase the yield of pepper.

The main function of pruning and coring is to prevent excessive growth(1 gallon nursery pots bulk), to reduce excessive nutrient consumption and to promote multiple fruit. It should be judged according to the actual situation of pepper, and then medicine should be applied to solve the problem(40 cell tray in bulk). Sweet pepper should be removed in time door pepper and pepper, each plant to retain 4 fruiting branches, redundant main branches to be cut.

(cheap plastic greenhouse trays manufacturer)Farmers should remove the old leaves(cell trays), dead leaves and diseased leaves from the lower part of the plant in time to prevent the field from closing. It is advocated to harvest fruits early, which can not only reduce nutrient consumption, but also prevent premature senescence of plants(40 cell trays bulk). The best time for top dressing is after fruit harvest, generally, it can be combined with irrigation and topdressing for 3 to 4 times.

At the same time, many farmers believe that the premature aging of pepper is due to insufficient fertilization(black plastic nursery pots). About 20 kg of potassium sulphate compound fertilizer can be applied for every 667 square meters. However, it is necessary to dissolve the chemical fertilizer in the water for topdressing(36 cell trays bulk). It is not suitable to dig a pit for topdressing to avoid damaging the root system of pepper.

Whitefly, aphid, spider mites and leaf miners can be controlled by 2000 times liquid of actet + 1000~1500 and abamectin(plug trays). Amoxicillin 1500 fold solution can be used to control the disease. For Sclerotinia and Botrytis cinerea, shijiale or nongliling 1000-1500 times solution can be used for control(18 cell trays bulk). If the disease is serious, Shigao 1000 times solution can be mixed for control, and the control effect is good.(cheap plastic greenhouse trays manufacturer)

In this way, it can not only reduce the nutrition consumption of the plant, but also prevent the plant from premature aging(plastic nursery pots). In the hot summer, irrigation should be carried out properly according to the weather and soil moisture, and small water should be poured to reduce irrigation, so as to prevent damaging the root system of the plant by washing the base of the ridge(12 cell trays bulk). For anthrax and powdery mildew, it can be sprayed with 1000 times of Shigao solution. 

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