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Wasabi, also known as wasabi, is a highly prized condiment in the market(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots). Let ’s talk about where the wasabi is suitable for cultivation and the key points of high-yield planting management techniques! The slope is 5 ~ 15, the soil is loose and fertile, the ditch was 40 cm wide, and the pH is 5.9 ~ 7.0(112 cell trays bulk). The sandy soil with clean and sufficient irrigation water is planted with wasabi.

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If the temperature of the wasabi sow in September is high, a shady shed is needed(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). From November to February of the following year, the temperature is low when planting. Today, the international community needs to raise seedlings or build small arch sheds in plastic greenhouses(288 cell trays bulk). Wasabi seeds can easily lose vitality if too much water is lost. Be careful to store them at low temperature. Seeds have a long dormant period.

(cheap plastic greenhouse trays manufacturers uk)Before sowing, they need to be treated with 10 mg · L-1 of 6-BA or 75 ~ 100 mg · L-1 of GA3 and germinated at 15 ~ 20 ℃(plastic flower pots bulk). The weight of the thousand wasabi seeds is 8.8 ~ 9.4g, and the seed amount per 667m2 seedbed is 1.5kg. Loquat can also use loquat bud and root propagation or tissue culture seedling breeding(200 cell trays bulk). Select deep soil layers (more than 30cm of tillage layer) and fertile sandy soil for planting.

Open shallow ditch on-site sowing, plant spacing is 4cm, row spacing is 10cm, 2 ~ 3 seeds are sown in each hole, seed bed is 10m long and 1.2m wide(planting trays wholesale). Each 667m2 nursery area can cultivate 1hm2 (15 acres) of field. 2 seeds are sown in each hole, and the soil is 0.5cm thick. Wasabi seeds are not tolerant to drought(32 cell trays bulk). Once dried and dehydrated, they lose their ability to germinate. Watering is timely after sowing to keep the soil moist.

When using bud buds for breeding, the bud buds from which the rhizomes are split up at harvest are picked for propagation, but the bud buds are likely to carry germs and cause disease spread(72 cell plug trays). When using root breeding, cut healthy thick fibrous roots 5 to 10 cm long during harvesting, bury them in the soil under the cold forest (or under the shading net) in the autumn, and plant them in 4 to 6 months field(105 cell trays bulk).(cheap plastic greenhouse trays manufacturers uk)

Loquat buds and roots should be soaked in 500% solution of 70% carbendazim for 15min (min) and then sterilized before breeding to reduce the incidence of disease(long life propagation trays). Prepare the land 1 month before planting, turn it 30cm deep, and apply base fertilizer(50 cell trays bulk). Every 667m2, 2000 kg of cooked farm manure, 50 kg of superphosphate, 15 kg of potassium sulfate, 10 kg of urea, and 1 kg of boron fertilizer are applied.

(cheap plastic greenhouse trays manufacturers uk)After the loquat soil was thoroughly turned and mixed, the loquat was shaped from top to bottom, and the loquat surface was 70 cm wide, and the loquat height was 40 to 45 cm(nursery tray manufacturers). The heading should be tilted to avoid water, let alone to discharge water. For plots with a slope greater than 25 °, drainage ditches should be opened in time above the planted land to prevent flash floods from washing the planted land(162 cell trays bulk).

The germination rate can reach more than 70%(1.5 gallon nursery pots). When 50% of the seeds germinate, you can stop the germination and wait for sowing. In October, the seedlings will grow quickly, with a high emergence rate, strong seedlings, and can be exposed in winter. Wasabi should not be continuously planted with cruciferous crops(98 cell trays bulk). Wasabi is sown locally from September to February of the following year(especially black heart disease).

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