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Cheap Plastic Ground Cover For Weed Control Wholesale

Small white medicine, small purple medicine (this has not been used) buried in the pavement 1~2cm(23cm plastic grow pots), due to the volatility, the smell is heavy and toxic, it is recommended that children do not use at home. The second type is the two seasons we often say, that is, after the summer and after the winter, the new soil is changed during the growth of the flesh, but it is not recommended for large users(wholesale nursery pots). When watering in daily life, the water diluted by the flower god is poured (except that it is wasted, it seems that there is nothing wrong with it).

(cheap plastic ground cover for weed control wholesale)Ventilation is more important than anything else(20cm plastic grow pots). In the summer when it has not completely passed, the hot sun is in the head, the sun is like a fire, and your meaty king is bathed in the sun, with the high temperature like a furnace, it is very likely that there will be sunburn and death. What is sunburn? This is a milder type of sunburn. This female chick is obviously not exposed to the sun for a long time(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and is suddenly exposed to strong light, so it is not compensated, and there is a sunburn instead of a state.

But it doesn't matter, the fleshy and fleshy meat on the surface is too strong to avoid the trouble of sunburn(19cm plastic grow pots). The seedlings are even more delicate, so too high temperatures and too strong light will end their lives directly. Adult plants can not avoid the inevitable sunburn (this is not black rot, the second wood blogger proves that he is really sunburn). The result of long-term sunburn may not be the same as the black rot(plug trays wholesale). So how do you prevent sunburn?

(cheap plastic ground cover for weed control wholesale)Every year before the summer, there will be a rainy season. During the rainy season, we will collect the meat from the outdoor room(16.5cm plastic grow pots). When the rainy season is over, it will be fine, and it will be sunburned. At that time, it may be sunburned. . Therefore, what we should do in the summer is to avoid fleshy direct exposure under excessive light(black plastic nursery pots). A long time ago, there was a saying that it was not necessary to bask in the sun from 10:00 to 4:00 pm, only a few hours a day.

Then relying on the temperature difference in summer(16cm plastic grow pots), the meat can still maintain the state (Northern friends forgive me, completely unclear the climate of your place, anyway, prevent me from being very likely / keyword: avoid exposure). Someone told me that after the sunburn, the resistance of the leaves will be worse and susceptible to infection(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Therefore, we should remove the sunburned leaves and put the succulents in a cool and ventilated environment. After the summer.

(cheap plastic ground cover for weed control wholesale)Still recommended to be unplugged (keyword: cool, ventilated). If the heart of the leaf has been sunburned(15cm plastic grow pots), then it may be necessary to manually remove the top bud to ensure the growth of the flesh. If the sunburned meat has a foil, then quickly cut it off, and the sunburned flesh will not be in the process of restoring vitality. Thinking about XXOO. If it is sunburned by one or two leaves inside the edge(plastic nursery pots), if it is not serious, it can be used without it, and it will be consumed over time.

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