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Cheap Plastic Ground Cover For Weeds Suppliers Sweden

White silk disease(1 gallon tree pots). There are many kinds of harmful flowers, such as rose, jasmine, Clivia, Prunus mume, orchid and chrysanthemum. The moth, also known as bag e, is a chewing mouthparts pest. The common harmful flower pests are as follows: Agrotis Tigris. Anthracnose mainly damages the leaves of various orchids and flowers(15 gallon black plastic pots). Pest control and prevention. The damage is serious near the leaf veins.

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The symptom of the disease is that the stem of the flower plant becomes brown and rotten, and the condition of the disease is that the soil is moist, rainy and hot in midsummer(teku plant pots). Change the ventilation conditions of flower planting, planting density should not be too large, and the diseased branches should be cut off in time(large plastic plant trays). Also known as didie, is an underground pest. It is mainly harmful to the seedlings.

(cheap plastic ground cover for weeds suppliers sweden)Leaf spot is also called black spot or brown spot. It belongs to a common disease, which damages many kinds of flowers(15 gallon pots for sale). The occurrence condition of this disease is also due to the environment of high temperature and tide(buy plastic flower pots online). Flowers and plants, like other plants, will also be damaged by diseases and insect pests, light will cause broken leaves, discoloration fall, flower belt, corolla color loss.

Grape rust mainly damages the leaves(succulent plastic pots), the surface of the leaves is yellow green spots, the back of the leaves is densely covered with orange yellow powder, and then brown multi angular spots appear around the leaves. The disease usually starts from the lower leaves and gradually spreads to the upper leaves(plastic pots that look like terracotta). The control method is to thoroughly remove the dead leaves at the end of autumn.(cheap plastic ground cover for weeds suppliers sweden)

In the growth period, the main spraying methods were Triadimefon and berdol, and the best spraying time was 4-5 times a year(plastic nursery pots bulk). The spraying effect was significant from July to August. At first, black spots appeared in the leaves, and then gradually turned yellow and fell off. All kinds of orchids were also easy to get the disease(small plastic plant pots bulk). Control methods: the following measures are mainly adopted.

(cheap plastic ground cover for weeds suppliers sweden)When the initial damage occurred(greenhouse nursery pots), the leaves first appeared round or semi-circular reddish brown spots, then turned brown, and yellow halo appeared on the edge. Subsequently, the lesion was enlarged to be a wavy or strip-shaped dark brown lesion. In the late stage, the diseased area became gray white, and the middle leaves were more seriously infected(bulk pots for sale). The symptoms were basically the same.

Prevention and control methods: first, the basin soil used should be disinfected and sterilized(nursery supplies plastic pots). One of the prevention of disease, watering do not "head" watering, potted flowers and planting density should not be too dense, to ensure ventilation and light transmission. Second, timely pruning, cutting off the diseased leaves(greenhouse pots for sale). Third, timely spray mancozeb or 50% benzoate WP 2000 times solution.(cheap plastic ground cover for weeds suppliers sweden)

It has one generation a year(small square plastic plant pots). The larvae overwinter, lays eggs in April and may, petals in the middle and lower parts of May, and damages the flowers in mid June. Control method: the best effect can be achieved by spraying 90% trichlorfon diluted 1000 ~ 1500 times or 80% dichlorvos diluted 1000 ~ 1500 times(4 inch pots wholesale). In addition to fleshy flowers, almost all other kinds of flower wastes have the harm of this insect.

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