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At the end of the passage, the mature larva makes a passage in a chamber and then bites through the epidermis to make a hole for eclosion(2.5inch square nursery pots). The optimum temperature for larvae is about 20 ℃, so there are more larvae in spring and autumn. The occurrence generations of habits and harmful symptoms varied with regions(1.5 gallon plant pot). There are more than 10 generations a year in the South and 3-4 generations in one year in North China.

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The adults are 30-40mm long, yellowish brown(3.5inch square nursery pots); there are 3-4 spines or 1-2 spines in the upper part of hind leg segment of nymphs; there are 30-40 eggs in each pile (African Zoysia station), 300-400 eggs (North China Station); the adult body is obviously different. The results showed that the damaged parts were curly, wrinkled and grew slowly; a large amount of honeydew was secreted to induce coal pollution disease(6 inch plastic nursery pots); a variety of viruses were transmitted; serious plants lost ornamental value.

(cheap plastic grow bowl wholesale direct usa)In the serious area, after flowering period, the above ground part should be removed and destroyed to reduce the source of insect(4.5inch square nursery pots); when the insect path is found, spray or irrigate with 1000 times of 40% Omethoate solution; 15% aldicarb granules should be buried around the rhizosphere, 20 cm in diameter and 11 cm in height, and 0.075 g of effective ingredient should be used(3.54inch plastic nursery pots). With the increase of the insect age, the insect path expands continuously.

The adults bite the flower parts, causing the flowers to fall thinly and incompletely(4.5inch deep square pots). They move from 10 am to 4 pm and do more harm in groups. At other times, they lurk in the flowers or soil crevices. The larvae bite the lower parts of the ground, causing the plants to grow poorly and die or reduce the quality of flowers(plastic seedling trays). Sooner or later, control methods should be used to kill adults or spray with 10% times cypermethrin 5000 times.(cheap plastic grow bowl wholesale direct usa)

The control methods were as follows: using black light lamp to trap and kill adults; irrigating 1000 times of 50% phoxim emulsion in the root of flowers(seedling trays wholesale); using fully decomposed farm manure; spreading poison bait and trapping between the lines; killing the wheat bran Miaoxiang with 5% phoxim granules. After hatching, the larvae sneak into the leaves, eat the mesophyll, and form a gray snake shaped insect path(plug flats wholesale). It damages the stems, roots and seeds of seedlings and distributes all over the country.

(cheap plastic grow bowl wholesale direct usa)The adults are flat, mostly chestnut; the larvae are slightly flat, golden yellow, with a furrow on the chest and ventral back, and a pair of brown tail clips in the tail(seed starting trays supplier). Habits and damage symptoms occur once in 2-3 years, overwintering as larvae or adults in the soil; from August to September, the mature larvae turn into adults in the soil; the climate becomes cold and overwinters in the soil, and the next spring begins to live and die(plastic succulent pots). Commonly known as slugs, for mollusks.

The adults are dark green or red copper, with yellow, white and copper rust spots on their forewings and dense yellow hairs(seed propagation trays); the larvae are milky white and often curled into "C" shape. It has 1-2 generations in the South and north of China and overwinters as adults or larvae in the soil. Control method: 5% carbaryl soil (1:1) was made into a poison, and then spread into the seedbed row, and then intertillage and cover the soil(nursery pots canada); combined with soil tillage, the adults or larvae were removed.

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