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Cheap Plastic Grow Trays Wholesale Supplier Maine

In vegetable seedling seedlings, the substrate is fixed and supports vegetable seedlings(plastic nursery pots). It is the “source” of all the water and mineral nutrients required for vegetable seed germination and seedling growth. Improper preparation of the matrix will result in rotten seeds, reduced emergence rate, nutrient deficiency of seedlings, and rotten roots. , and so on. To form a suitable particle size, the seedling substrate must have sufficient porosity(6.5inch plastic plant pots), nutrients and a suitable pH range to provide a good root environment for the healthy growth of the seedlings.

(cheap plastic grow trays wholesale supplier maine)Therefore, commonly used organic components mainly include peat(wholesale nursery pots), coconut fiber, furfural residue, sugar cane bagasse, edible fungus cultivation waste, biogas residue, straw, wood chips, peanut shell, earthworm manure, puffed chicken manure, cow dung, sludge, earthworm Powder and so on. The organic component mainly provides sufficient organic carbon source for the rhizosphere microorganism of the plug seedling(7.48inch plastic plant pots), and maintains the proper porosity and root formation of the matrix through the cross-linking property of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin.

Particle size, bulk density, etc. all affect the pore size and distribution of the matrix(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The organic components must be pulverized and bio-fermented to kill pathogens and reduce the carbon to nitrogen ratio. Hardwood chips and the like contain toxins that impair the development of seedlings and have poor hydrophilicity. They should be pulverized to a particle size of less than 5 mm, and the toxin content should be reduced by aerobic composting, and the components should be wetted before mixing(3.5inch square nursery pots). When hardwood chips are mixed with grass charcoal, the volume ratio of hardwood chips is about 40%.

(cheap plastic grow trays wholesale supplier maine)Inorganic components mainly include vermiculite, perlite, calcined soil, river sand and various chemical fertilizers(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Vegetable seedlings are mostly made of 3# vermiculite with smaller particles. Perlite is best sieved to remove powder. The pH of the vermiculite becomes alkaline, and the perlite tends to be neutral. Lime is also a common component of matrix mixing, mainly to neutralize the acidity of peat, and at the same time can add a large amount of calcium and magnesium(7.88inch plastic plant pots), so that the best effect from the coarse powder of marble.

The mechanical arm type positioning device adapts the wobble plate to different heights(black plastic nursery pots), and can meet the requirements of placing the seedlings of the vegetable seedlings. The meteorites and perlite are mainly used to adjust the porosity and water holding capacity of the matrix. The water and air in the matrix move in the opposite direction between the pores. The water is too much, the labor intensity is large, and it is easy to cause oxygen deficiency(2.5inch square nursery pots). The quality of the vegetable seedling substrate was evaluated by its physical, chemical and biological properties.(cheap plastic grow trays wholesale supplier maine)

During operation, the automatic placement device cooperates with the chassis walking device(plug trays wholesale), and the mechanical disk is placed on the ground or the tray holder. The joint type automatic placement machine integrates the stacking and conveying discs into one body, completes the automatic docking of the seedling seeding machine and the automatic swinging machine, and the tray stacking push device stores the plug tray and completes the smooth switching of the tray position(9.06inch plastic plant pots), diagonally arranged The steering gear driven chassis steering steering device ensures that the machine is turned in place.

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