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Cheap Plastic Growers Pots Manufacturers Poland

Tailan, commonly known as honeybee orchid, has wide and smooth leaves, flowering from May to June, and its flowers are dark purple red(plastic nursery pots). The leaves of Hanlan are slightly narrower than those of Jianlan, and the base is upright and graceful. The flowering period is from late autumn to early spring(50 cell trays bulk). Orchid likes weak acid soil with rich humus, uniform particles and good drainage, and its adaptability range is pH 5.5 ~ 7.

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The flower colors are green, purple, peach red, white and yellow, and the famous products are Yinling and Ziyun(plug trays). Orchid was originally born in the mountains and valleys, like warm and humid, afraid of cold, most avoid smoke and dust. Yanglan Jue has "love the morning sun, avoid the setting sun, like the South warm, afraid of the North cool."(seed starter trays). It is not suitable to open too much and the flowering period should not be too long.(cheap plastic growers pots manufacturers poland)

In winter, it should be kept indoors and the temperature should be kept at 3 ~ 7 ℃(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). In spring, summer and autumn, it is suitable to be placed in the outdoor shade shed, and the temperature should be 25 ~ 28 ℃. Building orchids can be placed on the Dongyang terrace or on the Nanyang terrace with bamboo curtains. The orchids are put into the basin and righted so that the fleshy roots can be extended(cell propagation tray wholesale). Orchids vary greatly in size.

(cheap plastic growers pots manufacturers poland)After the flower withered in March, new buds began to grow in April and may(black plastic nursery pots). The flower buds were unearthed around October and dormant in winter. Generally, the flower buds begin to grow in March, bloom in May, grow new buds in August and September, and dormant in winter(15 cell trays bulk). In spring, summer and autumn, the water should be watered once a day and sprayed on the leaf surface once in the morning and in the evening.

If the temperature is suitable, flowering should be advanced(cell trays). Flower growers have learned from practice that whether peony is blooming or not, how many flowers bloom, the size of flowers and the quality of root growth can be controlled by pruning and removing buds(wholesale nursery pots). The timely and reasonable removal of buds will make the plants even, blossom luxuriantly and orderly, and the root growth can meet the requirements of ramet and root picking.(cheap plastic growers pots manufacturers poland)

Black mountain soil or nutrient soil can be used(plastic grow pots). When potted, the bottom of the pot is paved with charcoal or crushed coal cinder, and then the broken mud particles, black soil or nutrient soil are added. When the soil is 2 cm away from the basin and forms a steamed bread shape, it is gently shaken several times to combine the soil root, and finally pour enough water to cover it After 15 ~ 20 days(21 cell trays bulk), they were transferred to normal nursing.

(cheap plastic growers pots manufacturers poland)Water, preferably with stored rainwater, tap water should be stored for a few days before watering(square nursery pots). Keep it moist in winter. Fertilization, orchids from Qingming to the end of September, should be every two weeks fertilizer water (rotten bean cake water is the best). Orchids do not apply base fertilizer(32 cell trays bulk), except for some chicken manure and hooves when changing pots in two or three years, fertilizer and water can be applied at ordinary times.

Cut off the dead leaves and diseased leaves at any time, keep the shape of the plant beautiful, and pick off the flower buds in case of poor growth(flat plastic tray). The largest orchid in the world is a tropical species of psammodaceae, with a diameter of 92 cm and petal length of 46 cm. The smallest orchid in the world is an Australian orchid with the smallest opening diameter of less than 1 cm(nursery plant pots). Then, the soil is added and shaken several times.(cheap plastic growers pots manufacturers poland)

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