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Whose vegetables are still bought every day(black plastic nursery pots), it is better to try to grow your own, do not occupy the area does not bother, but also save a dish of gold. The key is that the seeds that are grown by themselves must be green, non-polluting, fresh and healthy vegetables, beautiful gentlemen who love life, learn with me~~There are not many people who don’t like coriander, but you know that coriander can Do you raise water(bulk 4 gallon pots) ? Cut a few tender coriander leaves and leaves in a glass bottle containing 2/3 of the water.

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(cheap plastic growers pots supplier)After 3 days, you will see a thin whisker growing on the roots of the coriander(plastic nursery pots). This is the rejuvenation of the coriander! Two weeks later, the coriander in the bottle grows gratifying! Soak the beans in the water for 8 hours, mung beans, soybeans Black beans and wheat can be used. Then filter out the excess water and place the wheat seeds on the lazy seedling tray. Spray water 2-3 times a day(cheap 2 gallon container). When the roots are plucked through the seedling tray, water can be stored on the water storage tray, and the water can be replaced once every 1-2 days.

It should be poured out and arranged to rest(plastic nursery pots wholesale), just like the fallow period planted in the open field, so that the soil can be revived, but it is more conducive to the next phase of planting. The residual rhizome and larvae must be removed first, and then dispersed for sun exposure for 3 to 5 days. They can also be placed in a large black plastic bag for exposure. Finally, some of the base fertilizer is added to stir(3 gallon pots manufacturer), and it is a bowl of nutritious and clean. Potted soil! Basically, potted plants can be used to grow vegetables without special regulations.

(cheap plastic growers pots supplier)Some people even plant flowers and plants together as another potted landscape in the garden(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The minerals contained in the soil are the natural fertilizers of vegetables. The soil in the potted plants is limited, and the natural minerals are also limited. Must match the type of vegetables planted, such as short-term harvested leafy vegetables, even if there is no fertilization can grow, melons and fruits must be based on the growth of vegetables(2 gallon plant pots manufacturer), timely application of fertilizer, in order to have a good harvest.

In addition to the use of fertilizers on the market, home-grown vegetables can also use the life-derived rice water(plug trays wholesale), expired soy milk, defoliated weeds, homemade liquid fertilizer and compost to achieve recycling and reuse. The special trays for common seedlings on the surface are usually used for seeding and seedlings. Generally, they are often used in professional nurseries or large-scale farms(bulk half gallon pots). The number of home-grown vegetables does not need to be so much. Therefore, direct use of potted seedlings will not There are inappropriate circumstances.

(cheap plastic growers pots supplier)Many people use potted plants to grow vegetables(wholesale nursery pots). The purpose of planting is usually to make full use of the space. For example, the bottom of the potted plant can be planted with shade-tolerant vegetables, or deliberately interspersed with planted repellent crops, used to repel pests, and used potted plants to grow vegetables. One time, can you use potted vegetables at home? Is the type of vegetables selected as the focus of consideration(gallon planters supplier)? In summer, the sun is strong, pay special attention to the potting humidity, usually in the morning and evening.

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