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Cheap Plastic Growers Pots Wholesale France

Use a shovel along the edge of the pot to hold the bottom and slowly remove the plant(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Then remove the soil and shake it off, and cut the rotten roots with scissors, but pay attention to other roots not to be damaged. After cutting, put it in the water and rinse it off. Use carbendazim to eliminate the poison and put it on the side to dry the roots. . This happens in winter, mostly because of the excessive application of water(200 cell trays bulk), so the soil needs to be reconstituted, and the original soil contains bacteria.

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(cheap plastic growers pots wholesale france)The new potting soil can be prepared from humus soil(wholesale nursery pots), garden soil, river sand and perlite to ensure good water permeability. Cut off the yellow leaves and plant the plants back into the pots, taking care to ensure that the roots can be stretched out. If it was previously hydroponics, the disinfection container can also be cleaned and re-cultured. After planting, pay attention to the maintenance environment(112 cell trays bulk). First, ensure that the water is controlled, and the water should not be applied too much to ensure that the potting soil is maintained in a dry state.

Also pay attention to keep warm, do warm measures to avoid rotten roots caused by cold(black plastic nursery pots). Spring is not suitable for transplanting peony flowers, the survival rate will be lower, the best time for transplanting is autumn, probably from September to October. In the autumn, the plants will slowly go to sleep. At this time, transplanting it will make the plants survive better(288 cell trays bulk). If it is transplanted in the spring, once it damages its root system, it will affect its late flowering.

(cheap plastic growers pots wholesale france)It is best to have the original soil ball at the root of the transplanting process so that it is not easy to damage its roots(plug trays wholesale). If all the soil is removed, it will hurt more or less. It is recommended to apply some farmyard manure to the transplanting plant so that the plant can absorb some nutrients after the transplanting is completed. After transplanting, it should be poured with some water for two purposes(20 cell trays bulk), not only to help the plant absorb water and fertilizer, but also to make its roots and soil more conformable.

After discovering the rotten root of the plant, it must be taken out of the original flower pot(plastic nursery pots wholesale), and the spring transplanting should try to carry some old soil. Add enough organic fertilizer to the pot to ensure adequate nutrition. After the growth, the fertilizer is applied at least three times a year. Before the flower is opened, the flower quality is guaranteed once. After the flowering period is over, it is replenished in time to fill the nutrients consumed(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). It is applied once before winter to ensure sufficient nutrient safety for wintering.

(cheap plastic growers pots wholesale france)Spring is not suitable for transplanting peony(plastic nursery pots). At this time, transplanting will affect the flowering in the later stage. To pour water, the base fertilizer should be laid well before planting. It is recommended to transplant in the autumn of September-October, which will reduce the damage to the plants. It is best to carry some soil balls when transplanting, so as to prevent damage to its roots and apply some farmyard manure(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). After transplanting, watering once will make the roots of the plants more suitable for the soil, and the damage will be reduced.

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