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The temperature of the seedling bed before the emergence of seedlings is maintained at 25-32 °C(plastic nursery pots), and then the daytime temperature is 22-28 °C and the nighttime temperature is 16-18 °C. If the seedlings grow 3 true leaves when the temperature is low and can not be transplanted, the nutrition should be separated by 3 to 5 cm(15 cell trays bulk), in order to facilitate ventilation and ventilation, to avoid the growth of young seedlings.

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After taking out, wash it with water(plug trays), then put it in 55 °C warm water, stir constantly, soak for 15min.  The substrate should be kept moist until the cotyledons are unearthed, that is, the substrate moisture is between 70% and 80%. After the seedlings grow out of the true leaves, the film can be uncovered at 10:00 am, and the leaves are dried and then covered with a film(21 cell trays bulk). If the temperature in the day shed is lower than 15 °C, do not water the topsoil, and the substrate moisture after the cotyledons are excavated should be 60%~70%.

(cheap plastic growing trays manufacturer)At least half a month to deepen the land in the field, turn the soil to reduce the source of insects and weeds(black plastic nursery pots). First squat and flatten, then ridge for squatting, squatting 30cm. The acidified soil should be applied with lime at a dosage of 30-40 kg/667 m2 before the preparation of the soil(32 cell trays bulk), and 1500-2000 kg and 30-40 kg superphosphate should be applied to the mature organic fertilizer (pig manure) according to 667 m2, and 2/3 of the fertilizer should be in the soil preparation.

The seedling stage is most afraid of encountering cold weather(cell trays). Special attention should be paid to cold insulation. If the daytime temperature is high, the film cooling at both ends can be uncovered. 7 days before planting, use the fine weather in the day to uncover the film and control the water. When it is applied, the remaining 1/3 is applied when the dough is ditched(50 cell trays bulk), and the plow is even. The herbicide is sprayed with 100 g/667 m2 of metolachlor to 60-80 kg of water.

Planting points were set at a predetermined plant spacing 7 days before planting, and herbicides(wholesale nursery pots), fungicides and insecticides were applied. Then, the sterilizing agent is mixed in a ratio of 1 part of 50% carbendazim powder and 100 parts of soil, and 0.25 kg is applied per hole. The insecticide is applied with 3% chlorazol granules at a dosage of 1.5kg/667m2(72 cell trays bulk). When the seedlings grow 3 to 5 true leaves and reach the strong seedling standard, they can be colonized.(cheap plastic growing trays manufacturer)

Colonization should be planted before 10 am or after 4 pm on cloudy days(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). When planting, the substrate is placed in the colonization hole, and the depth is preferably 1 cm of the cotyledon. The soil is covered and the root water is poured. The planting density can be controlled at 500 to 650 plants/667 m2, that is, the row spacing (0.7 to 0.8) m × (1.2 to 1.6) m. After the melon seedlings are planted, the vines should be vines in time, and the vines should be placed on the shelves and pruned(98 cell trays bulk). This method uses bamboo 1500 / 667m2.

(cheap plastic growing trays manufacturer)The surface is 20cm high and 1-1.2m wide, and the soil is disinfected by uniformly spraying 750 times of phoxim and spraying lime(200 cell seed starting trays). After the seedlings grow a true leaf, they can be combined with watering to apply the seedling fertilizer, and 10% of the mature manure water is poured 1 or 2 times, and the two times should be separated by 7 days(105 cell trays bulk). After taking out, wrap it in a damp cloth and place it in a constant temperature environment of 30-32 ° C for 36 to 48 hours.

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