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There were red spiders in lettuce shed in late April, and whiteflies in potato, tomato and cucumber shed in mid September(7 inch plant pot). After 3-4 days of continuous treatment with ozone gas, the killing effect of whiteflies could reach 100%, which realized the purpose of eliminating whiteflies in the shed with intelligent ozone generator(2.5inch square nursery pots). It has 100% killing effect on whitefly and part killing effect on aphid and spider.

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After spraying Triadimefon wettable powder(5 gallon plastic container), aphids were found on the growth points of cucumber plants in the greenhouse without ozone pest control in the middle of April, and no leaf mould or grey mould infected plants or diseased leaves were found in cherry tomatoes in the whole greenhouse. There are 3-5 leaves and 2-3 melons per cucumber plant(3.5inch square nursery pots). The same number of leaves were randomly selected for observation.

(cheap plastic growing trays suppliers canada)The opportunity of infection of diseases and insect pests is reduced, and the yield of agricultural products is significantly increased(nursery containers wholesale). Under the condition of rational use of drugs in the control shed, the yield can be increased by 10% compared with that of the control shed(128 cell plug trays supplier). According to the annual average yield of 4000 kg per 667 ㎡, the yield can be increased by 400 kg per 667 ㎡.

Therefore, it is estimated that the yield of 667 ㎡ cucumbers can be increased by 600-800 kg or 15% - 20% after daily control by ozone control equipment and auxiliary chemical control(15 gallon plastic pots). Every 667 ㎡ every year, the pesticide expenditure is reduced by 400 yuan, the labor is saved by 600 yuan(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). The total income and expenditure of 667 ㎡ is increased by 2000 yuan, with remarkable results and considerable economic benefits.(cheap plastic growing trays suppliers canada)

After many times of application and observation, as a means of daily pest protection(one gallon nursery pots), ozone generation equipment is used at the frequency of once every two weeks in continuous sunny days and once a week in rainy days. For aphids and spiders, under the premise of normal use of intelligent ozone generator(104 cell propagation trays wholesale), proper auxiliary treatment can achieve thorough control, and the income is increased by 1000 yuan.

(cheap plastic growing trays suppliers canada)Every 667 ㎡ can reduce the cost of pesticides by 400 yuan per year and save labor by 600 yuan per mu(15cm plastic grow pots). For spider control, 150 yuan of pesticide expenditure and 200 yuan of labor can be saved per 667 ㎡ per year. Combined with this application, the control effect of ozone on leaf mould, grey mould(40 cell plug tray wholesale), whitefly, aphid and spider of Eggplant and fruit vegetables in greenhouse is very significant.

It should be noted that after each topdressing, balsam pear can be used in the control of powdery mildew and downy mildew of melon vegetables in the greenhouse(16cm plastic grow pots). The number of leaves with powdery mildew after gas treatment was 28% less than that in the control greenhouse(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). For aphid control, in daily production, 150 yuan of pesticide expenditure and 200 yuan of labor can be saved per 667 ㎡ per year.(cheap plastic growing trays suppliers canada)

After the treatment of Solanaceae crops in the greenhouse with ozone generator, the plants are robust and the control of whitefly is effective(16.5cm plastic grow pots). According to the relevant data, ozone also has a good control effect on the early and late blight of Solanaceae and fruit vegetables(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). Therefore, it is necessary to observe the growth of plants according to the weather conditions, so as to achieve early prevention and early treatment.

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