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Cheap Plastic Growing Trays Wholesale Price Jamaica

In the seedling nursery greenhouse, in the uniform seedling tray, you can find the pepper sprouts that grow in pieces(wholesale nursery pots). Moisture and air in the matrix move in the opposite direction between the pores. Excessive moisture can cause hypoxia. High pH can cause potential deficiency of various trace elements. Domestically, based on experience, feelings, generalization, and reducing toxin content through aerobic composting, the quality of vegetable seedling substrate is evaluated by its physical(plastic cell trays supplier), chemical and biological properties.

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(cheap plastic growing trays wholesale price jamaica)Physical properties include particle size(black plastic nursery pots), bulk density, porosity (water holding porosity, aeration porosity), water holding capacity, cation exchange capacity, and the like. Too little water will cause drought stress in seedlings. The pores above 0.1 mm in the matrix mainly contain air, and the pores between 0.001 and 0.1 mm mainly store moisture, which is convenient for long-distance transportation(200 cell seed trays wholesale). The ratio between the gas porosity and the water holding porosity, that is, the gas-water ratio, determines the amount of water holding capacity of the matrix.

Particle size, bulk density, etc(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). all affect the pore size and distribution of the matrix. The amount of cation exchange indicates the ability of the matrix to retain nutrients. Chemical properties include organic matter content, pH value, electrical conductivity (EC value), mineral nutrient content, etc., especially pH and EC values are the most critical. Matrix pH determines the availability and microbial diversity of mineral nutrients(sureroot plug trays bulk). Low pH increases the solubility of elements such as iron, manganese and aluminum, and too low a pH will reduce the effectiveness of phosphorus.

(cheap plastic growing trays wholesale price jamaica)The EC value reflects the content of soluble salt in the matrix, which is too high(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The roots of the seedlings are difficult to absorb water, the root tip is brown, the root hair is less, and the EC value is too low. It is likely that the matrix nutrient is lacking, the leaf color turns yellow, and the hypocotyl and stem are weak. The reference values of various chemical traits are shown in Table 2. Biological characteristics include the number of matrix microorganisms, community structure, enzyme activity, etc(105 cell seed trays wholesale). These indicators are closely related to the decomposition of rhizosphere organic matter and the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria.

The relevant technical personnel introduced that the plug-in mechanism is combined with the fertilizer(plug trays wholesale), the mechanical seeding is automatically seeded, and then the artificial disk surface is covered with fertilizer, and a plate of 105 seedlings is used. The greenhouse seedlings of peppers not only save seeds, but also can be used for seedling cultivation in the four seasons, and adopt the method of transplanting seedlings in greenhouses or open-air, staggering the season of peppers to increase the income(104 cell plug trays supplier). The green pepper seedlings are strong and strong, and the workers are busy weeding and fertilizing. They are doing various cultivation procedures.

(cheap plastic growing trays wholesale price jamaica)The production cost is relatively low, and it is easy to manage(plastic nursery pots), saves labor and effort, and the seedlings that are planted do not damage the roots, the survival rate is relatively high, the resistance to pests and diseases is relatively strong, and the cultivated seedlings are relatively neat. Exploring the innovative technology of pepper seedlings and improving the supply capacity of high-quality seedlings. With the maturity of technology, the cooperative will produce 250,000 pepper seedlings in this year(40 cell plug trays supplier), which will help the peppers to be listed in the early and late seasons, and help farmers increase their income.

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