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Cheap Plastic Hanging Baskets For Sale

Using PVC pipe to grow vegetables on the balcony of the house(90mm plastic grow pots), a dozen kinds of dishes were planted in one year, which basically achieved self-sufficiency. The deeper the better, the utility knife draws some "well" shape in the part to be destroyed, and uses the tip of the hammer to knock some holes in the middle of the word "well" because First(plug trays wholesale), the trace is engraved with a utility knife.

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(cheap plastic hanging baskets for sale)Use a pair of pliers to smash along the hole that is cut out(10cm plastic grow pots). When you reach the edge of the hole, first pry the pliers along the engraved line until the whole piece falls, and the pipe will not break into the outer part of the hole. In order to scare the hand when planting vegetables, use a utility knife to smooth the edge of the hole. 

Tied the pipe to the steel pipe on the balcony; 6 holes are laid, the pipe is tied, and you are done, celebrate and cheer N times(black plastic nursery pots)! This way, it takes only 10 minutes for a hole to be completed (not the fifth step of engraving) jobs). It is better to use a shovel than a hand, so it is carried out with five claws. The utility knife cuts the deep mark along the edge of the painted hole. 

The tube is fixed on the steel pipe of the balcony with three wires, and the wire should be made stronger(10.5cm plastic grow pots). Three eyes were drilled on the lid that blocked the tube. Three kinds of soil, from left to right: raw soil, black mud, humus soil. Below: Flower pots for mixing soil. Mix the soil and fill the pipe(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Mixing humus, black mud, and raw soil is also a big project.

(cheap plastic hanging baskets for sale)Spread a layer of mixed soil mixed with chicken manure on the clay(100mm plastic grow pots), not too thick, because there is a certain distance from the roots, you can not burn the roots; put the fish intestines on the mixed soil, do not put too much bean paste; Mix the soil, about 1-2CM from the hole. I went to the flower market and bought 20 pounds of clay(plastic nursery pots wholesale).

Pave the pieces of the pipe down in the pipe; place the clay on the pipe fragments; and lay it as the water filter layer of the pipe(11cm plastic grow pots). On the water filter layer, a layer of mixed soil with chicken manure was placed on top of it, and fish intestines and bean dregs were added to it (the fish intestines were added by me, the hands were too stinky, and it was impossible to shoot with a camera). 

Spread the mixed soil on the top of the fertilizer, try to shoot it a bit, 1-2CM from the hole(wholesale nursery pots). Which vegetables are best grown on the balcony?  Pottery 20 kg 30 yuan, humus soil 2 pack 10 yuan, chicken manure 1 pack 5 yuan, with fishmongers fish intestines 0 yuan, labor costs 0 yuan, a total of 40 yuan. Go to the building materials market to buy 20CM PVC pipes. 

(cheap plastic hanging baskets for sale)Short-lived fast-growing vegetables(110mm plastic grow pots): small rapeseed, green garlic, sprouts, mustard greens, Qingjiang vegetables, and vegetables with long-term harvest: tomatoes, peppers, leeks, alfalfa, parsley, onions, and other space-saving vegetables: carrots, radishes, Lettuce, onion, ginger, coriander easy to plant vegetables: bitter gourd, carrot, ginger, onion, lettuce, cabbage, vegetables that are not easy to eat insects(plastic nursery pots): onions, leeks, sweet potato leaves, ginseng grass, aloe vera, scallions.

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