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Cheap Plastic Hanging Baskets In Bulk

Gardenia leaves are evergreen, floral and elegant, and are important balcony garden ornamental plants(cell trays). They are favorite potted plants, hedges, garden landscaping, cut flowers, and cut leaves. Its fruit can be used as a paint for painting. Gardenia is a common ornamental flower, and it is also a traditional Chinese medicine crop with high economic value(greenhouse supplies pots). It is easy to grow and has low management cost. It is suitable for planting in flower fields, traditional Chinese medicine gardens or families.(cheap plastic hanging baskets in bulk)

Keep the soil moist, but not sloppy. Here are some common methods of seedling cultivation of gardenia, hoping to help those who have the need for seedlings(gallon plant pot). Screen the seeds, soak them for about 8 hours with pesticides such as agricultural strong chlorine and then sow them in loose and fertile sandy land (conditional seedlings, especially commercial transport), and water(plastic grow pots). In order to maintain water and increase the germination survival rate, the planting area can be covered with straw.

The seedling stage of the scorpion tree is about half a year old, and the seedling age is about one year(gallon nursery pots). The survival rate of seedlings is low, and the cost of planting management is high. It is generally not recommended to plant small seedlings. Generally, you should choose to sow in the spring equinox or before the autumn equinox. Please select the sowing date according to the customization or time to market(wholesale greenhouse pots). Be careful not to purchase scorpions from places such as Chinese medicine stores. The scorpions sold in these stores are likely to take a long time and the seeds may not be able to germinate.

(cheap plastic hanging baskets in bulk)Obtain the strong branches with bud eyes(plug trays). The branches are about 2 years old and about 15 cm long. They are inserted into the fertile and loose soil. The buds are kept on the ground. Generally, the roots can be rooted in one month, and the plants can be planted two to three times(square nursery pots). Generally, the seedlings can be completed in about 6 months. If the planting time is arranged in the spring, it is necessary to raise the seedlings before and after the frost in the previous year. In order to safely winter, it is necessary to prepare a greenhouse.

Purchase from flower seed merchants or Chinese herbal medicine seed merchants(black plastic plant pots). The survival rate of this method is relatively high, but it is necessary to consider whether the forest is suitable for beading. Choose two to three years old branches for the seedlings, scrape the roots of the branches to a length of 1 cm to promote the rooting of the layering, then press to the ground, cover the peeling with fertile loose soil(seed starter trays), when the branches are divided into three parts After the root, the connection between the branch and the parent tree can be cut off for colonization.

(cheap plastic hanging baskets in bulk)The ring branch is also a method of rapid seedling raising of gardenia, which may result in economic reduction of the father tree(propagation tray). Choose two or three years old strong branches, peel off a 3 cm long skin on the root side of the branches, then mix the mud with weeds, pour the mud rope, then wrap the wet mud rope around the peeling, then use a transparent plastic film The mud is wrapped tightly(flat plastic tray). If the mud is dry, it needs to be watered. Generally, it can be planted after three roots.

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