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The calcium absorbed by vegetables plays various roles in the plant body(plastic flower pots wholesale), promoting the development of cell wall, reducing the infiltration of nutrients in the body, inhibiting the infection of bacteria, soil drought, improving the disease resistance of plants(seed planting trays wholesale), the lack of calcium in the soil itself, eliminating the harm of excessive organic acids in the body, and promoting various metabolic processes in the body. 

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Vegetable is short of calcium, metabolism is blocked in the body, all kinds of calcium deficiency symptoms will occur(nursery plant pots wholesale), such as tomato navel rot, the relevant problems and measures are as follows. The new parts of the plant, such as terminal bud and root hair, are stagnant, withered and dead, new leaves are adhered, new leaves are often scorched and incomplete(18 cell plug trays supplier). The soil salt content was high, which inhibited the root system to absorb water and nutrients.

(cheap plastic hanging baskets suppliers uk)The top of the fruit is prone to depression, dark brown and necrosis(plastic plant pots bulk). At the early stage of the disease, the pulp of the bud front end of the young fruit (the end of the petal falling off) is in the shape of water immersion, and the peel is intact(20 cell plug trays supplier). With the fruit expanding, the affected part of the front end of the fruit shrinks, sags and turns black and Brown, and the diseased part is often infected by secondary mould, which is in the shape of rotten top.

Most vegetable crops like calcium and need more calcium(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). Navel rot usually occurs when the fruit is close to the thumb size, and does not occur when the fruit is swollen. It can increase the concentration of soil solution, reduce the water absorption of root system and inhibit the absorption of calcium(200 cell plug trays supplier). Excessive application of ammonium nitrogen inhibited calcium absorption, and the incidence of dry heart disease increased with the increase of nitrogen application.

Daphne has more requirements for whom(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots). To control the amount of fertilizer, it is not suitable to use too much fertilizer at one time, especially containing chlorinated fertilizer such as ammonium chloride and potassium chloride; it is necessary to irrigate in time to prevent soil drought(50 cell plant trays bulk). In order to spray calcium on the leaves, calcium chloride and calcium nitrate can be used as spraying fertilizer, with a concentration of 0.3% - 0.5%.(cheap plastic hanging baskets suppliers uk)

Usually, it's OK to stick to pot soil that is not dry or too wet(plastic flower pots bulk). Because once the sweet pepper top depression is not obvious, it is mainly Brown dead. Generally, spray once every 7 days or so, and the effect can be achieved by two or three times of continuous spraying(200 cell plant trays bulk). Tomato should be sprayed with 2-3 leaves of inflorescence up and down during flowering, and Chinese cabbage should be sprayed with calcium at the beginning of heading stage.

In addition, when spraying calcium, adding auxin substances such as NAA can promote the absorption of calcium(72 cell plug trays). The specific formula is: 0.7% of calcium chloride, 50ppm of NAA, and spraying after mixing; to apply calcareous fertilizer, such as gypsum, calcium superphosphate, calcium magnesium phosphate, etc.(50 cell seed trays wholesale), calcareous soil generally does not need to apply calcium fertilizer alone, usually calcium has been brought in when applying phosphorus fertilizer.

(cheap plastic hanging baskets suppliers uk)It's OK to stick to semi supermarket(planting trays wholesale). In summer, Daphne will enter semi dormancy state, which can appropriately reduce the amount of water poured. Ruixiang likes warm and cool development, likes Yin and chills. Avoid direct sunlight, do a good job in summer shade, and appropriate ventilation(32 cell plant trays bulk). In winter, the plants should be moved to the sunny place indoors, and the room temperature above 8 ℃ should be maintained.

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