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Cheap Plastic Hanging Baskets Wholesale

Dropped, thrown away; leaves inserted water with seedlings, put / unplug the seedlings on the soil, throw away the leaves(plastic nursery pots). By the way, the statement that the water is big can be placed here in the water. The water is big and the plants are out of the leaves (to name a few: Huang Liyi, the heart of the woman), if they have fallen off the leaves, then Just stop the watering(14cm plastic grow pots), put it in a ventilated place, and let the soil have less water (but if the soil is too watery, it is also a headache).

(cheap plastic hanging baskets wholesale)The main symptoms are: In fact(plastic nursery pots wholesale), many people think that the growth of the roots is because the soil is not breathable, which causes the plants to breathe and grow the air roots. But in fact, if you think about it again, the roots will play a vital role in the growth of the plants. The important impact, the more roots of the plant, the survival rate is certainly not too bad. Therefore, for the air root, if you want to unplug it, you will pull it out(13cm plastic grow pots). If you don't want to pull it out, you will keep it. He belongs to the kind of things that help plants grow. The problem is not big.

The roots of the plants began to shrink, the poles sagged inward, but the top plants grew well(black plastic nursery pots). What is the matter? From the above figure, we can find the above phenomenon. In fact, this is because the flesh is caused by black rot. Bacterial infection, in order to self-protection cut off contact with healthy parts(12.5cm plastic grow pots). Why isn't that all meaty like this? I don't know, I treat this kind of flesh as a more resistant flesh.

(cheap plastic hanging baskets wholesale)Then, the fleshy rust is caused by the rust in the fungus(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and the dry flesh is cut off from the necrotic part, so they will desperately grow their roots to maintain their lives. This kind of necrosis will not be black to the top, and it will stop when it reaches a cut-off point. Therefore, we can bury a little soil and bury the gas roots(plastic terracotta pots wholesale). If you really worry that such flesh will be unpredictable, then we can cut the head.

Exposure, sudden low temperature and long-term lack of water(plug trays wholesale). Rust is easy to reappear, easy to infect =- = drugs for rust are: chlorothalonil, rust rust, antelope rust, triazole, carbendazim, etc. I wish you do not encounter rust disease in the wild and fleshy natural selection. When we went to the wild to play and found a group of fleshy(12cm plastic grow pots), very envious, it is not unreasonable to take off one or two to take home, then how to deal with the fleshy home in the wild?

(cheap plastic hanging baskets wholesale)How to deal with the flesh in this situation(wholesale nursery pots)? The leaves of the water are still on the plants and are unplugged. Due to the different growth conditions of the flesh in the wild, the soil may contain eggs and more bacteria. After we take it home, we can use the carbendazim and the flower buds to dry the basin, and the soil is buried. White medicine(120mm plastic grow pots). It is generally a strong variety of genes left behind, so there is no requirement for drying time, and then it can be cured normally.

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