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The high temperature in summer is not conducive to the growth of Lentinus edodes(gallon pot). In order to ensure the better economic benefits of planting Lentinus edodes in the off-season, measures such as cooling and humidifying the underground water and well water, air supply by plastic bags with water curtain machine, etc(50 cell plug trays supplier). are taken to manually control and create a microclimate suitable for the growth of Lentinus edodes.

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Attention shall be paid to the water spraying treatment in each period to ensure that the temperature and humidity are suitable for the growth of Lentinus edodes(plastic plant trays wholesale). In addition, the "two nets, one lamp, one plate and one buffer" is adopted. Technology to prevent and control insect pests such as mosquitoes and flies(72 cell plant trays bulk). The premise is to create a suitable environment for the growth of Lentinus edodes. The number of prickles was 12-18. 

(cheap plastic herb plug trays manufacturer)Through years of production practice and experimental research(square grow pots), combined with the production experience of shiitake mushroom in Qianshan County, the author summarized the key technologies suitable for the local off-season shiitake mushroom production for the reference of mushroom farmers(105 cell plant trays bulk). This paper mainly introduces the management of shiitake mushroom in the process of stick, color change and mushroom emergence. 

In order to ensure the better economic benefits of the mushroom planting in the off-season(50 cell plant trays bulk), it is advisable to make the mushroom stick from the end of December to February of the next year (generally before the Spring Festival). According to the low temperature, dry climate, less bacteria base, the qualified rate of rod making is more than 95%(128 cell plant trays bulk), which is conducive to early mushroom and good mushroom, catch up with the off season gap, high price and good economic benefits.

In the hot summer, the mushroom will be the main stream of production because of its round shape(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), thick cover, short handle, many standard mushrooms, strong market competitiveness and good economic benefits. At the later stage of germinal process, the temperature should be controlled below 28 ℃(162 cell plug trays supplier). Lentinus edodes are aerobic bacteria. In order to ensure the normal growth and development of Lentinus edodes, air circulation should be maintained.(cheap plastic herb plug trays manufacturer)

For the bacteria bags that have been sterilized and still have residual temperature (i.e. the temperature of the bag drops below 25 ℃), they are sterilized by fumigation for 3-5h and inoculated through holes(sureroot plug trays bulk). After 2 days of recovery at room temperature, raise the temperature to 18-25 ℃ (the most suitable temperature for mushroom mycelium production is 23-25 ℃) for germinating. When the mycelium grows to 10 cm(32 cell plant trays bulk), prick the hole to release oxygen, shape the bag code, and make the air fully enter it.

Due to poor ventilation and insufficient oxygen, the fruiting body is deformed, which makes the mushroom on both sides of the shed round, thick cover and short feet(large plastic terracotta pots). On the contrary, in the middle of the shed, the plastic belt of water curtain fan should be used to supply air from the middle of the shed, which not only solves the problem of insufficient air, but also plays the role of cooling and humidifying(200 cell plant trays bulk), so as to increase the mushroom output of commercial mushroom and greatly improve the economic benefits.

(cheap plastic herb plug trays manufacturer)The growth and fruiting body development of mycelium were inhibited obviously(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). When the mycelium grew to the back, the second oxygen release was carried out. During the mushroom growing period, water is usually sprayed from 5:00 to 6:00. After water spraying, open the film, sunshade and straw curtain of the shed close to the ground, 20-30 cm away from the ground(200 cell plug trays supplier). At this time, the low temperature is suitable for ventilation and light supplement of Lentinus edodes.

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