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The nutrients consumed by respiration increased, and the cold resistance was weaker in the dark and warm environment(plant growing trays). Therefore, even during rainy, snowy and cold days, the opaque cover should be uncovered for light transmission (scattered light) and proper ventilation. In addition, factors such as high humidity, excessive nitrogen fertilizer and so on, which can promote the growth of seedlings(big flower pots wholesale), will weaken the cold resistance of seedlings and aggravate the degree of freeze injury.

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In case of cold current and low temperature, it is easy to suffer from frost damage(10x20 growing trays). All these measures are to promote the occurrence of new roots, but before the occurrence of new roots, when they encounter low temperature, the seedlings are vulnerable to freezing damage. Therefore, the date of seedling transfer should be arranged before the cold current(where to buy plastic plant pots). After slow seedling growth, the seedlings grow too fast and the tissues are tender because of too much water and nitrogen.(cheap plastic herb plug trays wholesale supplier)

At this time, it is easy to suffer from freezing damage in case of low temperature(15 inch plant pots). In addition, whether the seedlings suffer from freezing injury is also related to whether they are subject to low-temperature exercise. If the seedlings are often subject to low-temperature exercise in the process of seedling raising, their ability to adapt to low temperature is enhanced, and they are not vulnerable to freezing injury(branded plant pots). For example, seedlings cultivated in cold bed are more resistant to cold than those cultivated in greenhouse.

When transplanting seedlings, water them and cover the seedbed tightly before slowing down, so as to keep high humidity and temperature in the bed(black plastic garden pots). Therefore, it is necessary to control the fertilizer and water properly during the severe cold period to make the seedlings grow stably and prevent the growth from being too fast and too tender(1 gallon pot). Although the temperature is low in the early stage of seedling raising in spring, it is well protected and carefully managed with little frost damage.

(cheap plastic herb plug trays wholesale supplier)There is snow water or ice water on glass or film leaking into the seedbed and falling on the seedlings, which will cause local tender tips and leaves to be damaged by freezing(black plastic plant containers). If the cold wind blows directly to the plant, it will also suffer from frost damage(mini plastic flower pots). Measures to prevent freeze injury of cucumber seedling: freeze injury of cucumber seedling can occur in every period of seedling raising, but it is more likely to happen before planting.

The following aspects should be taken into account to prevent frost damage(plastic greenhouse trays). Increasing light, controlling humidity, increasing temperature difference between day and night, proper ventilation, reasonable fertilization and increasing P and K fertilizer application can enhance the cold resistance of seedlings(5 gallon pots cheap). The seedlings are gradually subject to low temperature exercise, so as to transform sugar, increase the concentration and reduce the seedbed temperature.

Spray 1:100 glucose solution, do not apply excessive nitrogen fertilizer, and cultivate freeze-resistant and strong seedlings(3 gal plant containers). Warm and antifreeze weather forecast when the cold current comes, or after a small drizzle, the weather turns sunny, generally there will be frost, at this time, it is necessary to strengthen the cold insulation(square plastic plant pots uk). In the early stage of seedling raising, when it is extremely cold, the heat preservation cover should be covered thick, well and tightly at night.

The South and both ends of the seedling bed should be paid attention to when raising seedlings in the sunny border, and the frozen seedlings often occur from these places first(nursery tree pots). The cucumber seedlings after low temperature training are stronger and can endure the low temperature of o-rc for a short time(cheap potting pots). To cultivate strong seedlings, pay attention to the cultivation of seedlings, and enhance the cold resistance of the plants.(cheap plastic herb plug trays wholesale supplier)

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