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Cheap Plastic Herb Pots Suppliers In Saudi Arabia

Banyan likes to be fat, and its vitality is very strong, which is good for maintenance and management(bulk garden pots). But sometimes there are some problems, such as yellow leaves, falling leaves and so on. Here is a brief introduction of the reasons and solutions for the yellow leaves and falling leaves of banyan bonsai(3.5inch square nursery pots). Improper water will cause great damage to the banyan tree.

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Excessive watering or high environmental humidity will cause root rot of the banyan tree and large area of fallen leaves(flower pot wholesale supplier). The cultivation of Ficus in the north is difficult, and low humidity will also cause yellow leaves. It is not suitable for the growth of banyan trees in the environment where the temperature difference between day and night is small(4.5inch square nursery pots). When the temperature difference is above 10 ℃, large areas of yellow leaves and black leaves will appear.

(cheap plastic herb pots suppliers in saudi arabia)Therefore, in the ordinary maintenance process, potted plants should be placed in the position of ventilation and light transmission, and timely shade in summer(bulk plastic planters). However, the times of fertilization or more will do harm to the growth of banyan. Light management means yellow leaves, heavy management means rotten roots(200 cell seed starter trays). At this temperature, it is conducive to microbial activity and can accelerate the decomposition of straw.

During the growth period of banyan, according to the different seasons, the amount of fertilizer application changes(nursery containers for trees). In winter, reduce or no fertilizer application. Once a month in other seasons, choose to use thin fat water, mainly for class fee, rather light than thick(128 cell plug trays supplier). When aphids, red spiders, scale insects and other pests occur, the plants will be damaged to varying degrees, resulting in root rot or damage, resulting in yellow leaves.(cheap plastic herb pots suppliers in saudi arabia)

When yellow leaves appear in plants, check the growth of roots to see if there are dead roots, rotten roots, damaged roots, etc(plant pot suppliers). Spray chemicals in time for prevention and control. Banyan trees grow well in the environment with sufficient light. If they can shade 30-50% in the high temperature period in summer, the leaves will be more green(32 cell seed starter trays). However, when the temperature is lower than 32 ℃, it is better not to shade so as to prevent the leaves from falling off.

(cheap plastic herb pots suppliers in saudi arabia)Pile the prepared horse manure or grub into a pile to make a warm heart (heating center), and then cover the mixed straw layer by layer on the warm heart to make a round pile(2 gallon container), with the pile height not less than 1.5m. After stacking, pay attention to management to prevent people and animals from treading(2.5inch square nursery pots). Measure the stacking temperature every day, and control the stacking temperature at about 60 ℃, and the maximum temperature shall not exceed 70 ℃.

Banyan bonsai is a kind of banyan bonsai, which is made of banyan by various means(plastic planter manufacturers). After 7-10 days of fermentation, it is poured. Then pour it every 7 days, 3-4 times in total. After about 30 days, it can be fermented. The fermented straw fertilizer has the characteristics of black, rotten and smelling, which can be gathered by hand and dispersed when released(72 cell propagation trays). The best cutting time of Prunus ziyeensis was from late November to mid December.

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