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Lycium barbarum is a kind of nourishing traditional Chinese medicine(elfin thyme plug tray). The plant has strong tillering ability. It has been appreciated in potted plants since ancient times. Its flowers are purple. After autumn, the red fruits are full of branches. The ornamental effect is good at any time(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Lycium barbarum has strong branching ability and vigorous growth of new branches.

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The old branches should be cut off before germination in early spring every year(bulk plastic pots for plants), the extra long branches in summer, the old branches and disease and insect branches in autumn. Pruning can reduce diseases and insect pests, enhance ventilation and light transmission, and reduce nutrition consumption(7 gallon nursery pots wholesale). When the height of trunk is 60 cm, the newly planted seedlings should be toppled and 3-5 lateral branches should be reserved.

(cheap plastic herb pots wholesale suppliers)It is cultivated year by year to form a three-layer "upstairs" crown and increase the amount of fruit bearing(bulk pots for sale). If you want to make bonsai, you can cut the thick and strong branches of wolfberry before germination in the spring of the next year, and it will bloom and bear fruit in the next year(13cm plastic grow pots). The main reason for the yellow leaves of wolfberry bonsai is the symptoms of yellow leaves caused by too wet or hard soil or too dark.

The soil is hard and impermeable(bulk fabric pots), resulting in the water can't penetrate into the soil layer after pouring, leading to the majority of roots can't absorb water and nutrients, resulting in the symptoms of loss of water and nutrition of leaves and yellow leaves. The best way is to loosen the soil properly, which is good for soil loose, ventilation, drainage and root system growth(200 cell seed trays wholesale). If it is placed indoors for a long time, it is easy to cause yellow leaves to fall.(cheap plastic herb pots wholesale suppliers)

If it is indoors, it is best to put it in the sunny and ventilated place to facilitate its photosynthesis(4 inch pots wholesale). It is better to move out of the room for 2 hours in the morning and evening when it is free. As long as the phenomenon of leaves becoming yellow and fallen leaves caused by over watering(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale), it is not easy to be over wet when watering at ordinary times, and the over wet soil is easy to accumulate water to produce root rot and leaves becoming yellow and fallen leaves.

In the second year, 3-5 selected branches were shrunk back to 30 cm to form the first canopy(heavy duty plastic planters). But it's worth noting that it's the season of Lycium barbarum leaves. As long as normal maintenance and management are carried out, new buds will appear half a month later(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). At that time, flowers and leaves will grow together. Pay attention to water and fertilizer management at ordinary times. In autumn, red fruits will be full of branches and green leaves will be verdant.

(cheap plastic herb pots wholesale suppliers)The pruning varieties of peach blossom can be divided into three groups(black plant pots plastic): straight branch Peach (straight branch or slanting branch), attention to drooping branch Peach (drooping branch) and longevity peach (short and dense tree shape, short internode and multiple petals of flower). Winter can be overwintering in the open above - 10 ℃(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Lycium barbarum likes positive plants. The shoots are green, resistant to drought and waterlogging. 

The branches of Lycium barbarum are very elegant(plastic plant pots outdoor). We usually do a good job in the daily maintenance of wolfberry bonsai, not only to avoid the yellow leaves and fallen leaves, but also to make it become luxuriant and emerald. Let's learn the maintenance method of wolfberry Bonsai: wolfberry should be placed in a sunny place, if it is placed in the shade, it is not conducive to flowering and fruiting(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). Avoid direct sunlight in summer, and be cold resistant in winter.

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