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Cheap Plastic Hole Tray Wholesale Price Malaysia

Generally speaking, acid and neutral fertilizers can be applied on saline-alkali soils, while alkaline fertilizers should be avoided on saline-alkali soils(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Such as urea, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium nitrate, etc. do not leave any impurities in the soil, will not increase the salt and alkalinity in the soil, keep the soil moist, suitable for application on saline-alkali soil(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Ammonium sulfate is a physiological acid fertilizer.

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After the ammonium is absorbed, the residual sulfate can reduce the alkalinity of saline and alkali, and it is also suitable for application(propagation tray). Alkaline fertilizers such as lime nitrogen and plant ash are not suitable for application on saline-alkali soils(nursery plant pots). Pay attention to the application of small amounts multiple times to prevent the soil solution concentration from suddenly becoming too high and affecting the absorption and growth of wheat.

(cheap plastic hole tray wholesale price malaysia)Sodium nitrate is also a physiological alkaline fertilizer(flat plastic tray). After the total nitrate ions are absorbed by wheat, the residual sodium not only increases soil salinity, but also increases soil alkalinity, making the soil worse and worse. Ammonium chloride is also suitable for saline-alkaline wheat to avoid the increase of salinity and affect wheat growth(black plastic plant pots). To apply phosphate fertilizer to saline land wheat, superphosphate should be selected.

The application of chemical fertilizers on saline-alkaline land wheat is different from the general good ones(plug trays). For fertilizers applied to wheat in saline-alkali soil, attention should be paid to the application of organic fertilizers, which can not only supplement various nutrients of wheat(cell propagation tray wholesale), but also help reduce the concentration of soil solutions and reduce the harm caused by saline-alkali caused by the application of chemical fertilizers.(cheap plastic hole tray wholesale price malaysia)

At the end of autumn and early winter(gallon nursery pots), each linden tree is cultivated with 80-100 kg of rotten waste fertilizer, pond mud, fired soil or other soil fertilizer, and is cultivated inward from 25-30 cm outside the drip line of the canopy to 40 off the trunk(seed starting trays supplier). -50 centimeters, 8-10 centimeters thick, to thicken the topsoil, fertilize the soil, increase and stabilize the soil temperature, protect the root system, and enhance the resistance of the plant Lee blossoms and bears fruit.

(cheap plastic hole tray wholesale price malaysia)Generally, all the leaves, flower spikes and fruits are sprayed evenly, and the fertilizer before flowering is applied in early to mid-OctoberV(large plastic terracotta pots). Calcium-magnesium-phosphorus fertilizers have no effect, but will increase the alkalinity of saline-alkali land. With the application of organic fertilizer, 8-10 centimeters thick(plastic cell trays supplier). At this time, sufficient fertilizer and water supply is required. The fertilization method should be skillful, and buried in small amounts and many times.

In case of drought, avoid harvesting when the fruits are too ripe and reduce losses(seed starting trays). The flowering and pod-setting stage of lentils is a period when the vegetative and reproductive growth of the plant go hand in hand and grow vigorously. In addition, the application of ammonium nitrogen fertilizer on saline-alkali soil can easily cause the volatilization of ammonia(seed propagation trays), and it must be emphasized that the deep application is strict, wheat grows well.

It is not advisable to fertilize lentils in the early flowering period and before sitting the pods(square nursery pots). When the first inflorescence sits on the pod, it can be properly watered and topdressed. Lentils prefer nitrate but not ammonia nitrogen. The application of ammonium nitrogen fertilizer can inhibit plant growth and development(plastic potting pots). When flushing flowering and pod fertilizer, it is better to apply urea, ternary compound fertilizer and human feces.(cheap plastic hole tray wholesale price malaysia)

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