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Cheap Plastic Hydroponic Trays For Sale Vietnam

It is necessary to promote straw returning to the field so as to coordinate the three proportions of water, fertilizer and gas, and improve the content and permeability of soil organic matter(plastic flower pots canada). Vegetable garden soil with canal system, convenient drainage and irrigation, deep soil layer, loose texture, good water and fertilizer conservation performance is the main soil, supplemented by dry land with good soil ripening(heavy duty plant pots).

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It is necessary to apply 1500-2000 kg of farmyard manure(v10 nursery pots), 25-30 kg of superphosphate, 15-20 kg of ammonium nitrate, 7.5-10 kg of potassium sulfate or potassium chloride to the Mu 20-30 days before seedling cultivation and sowing, and repeatedly retouch the broken cudgel for 2-3 times, so as to promote the full integration of soil and fertilizer(cheap 1 gallon plant pots), further cultivate the bed soil and lay the foundation for dry cultivation and strong seedling.(cheap plastic hydroponic trays for sale vietnam)

It is forbidden to reuse fields with high underwater position and old seedling fields(plastic nursery trade pots). Especially in the case of no preparation for winter ploughing and raking and winter fertilizer, the cultivation of dry seedling should be carried out temporarily by land preparation(cheap 2 gallon plant pots). In addition, the garden soil should be selected first, and attention should be paid to the selection of early harvest vegetable fields such as yellow bud white, cabbage and celery, promote the normal growth of dry raised seedlings.

Generally, the old brick ash, fireclay ash and plant ash are not used as the nutrient soil, and the immature farmyard manure and simple chemical fertilizer are not used(3 gallon tree pots). During the seedling period, chemical fertilizer was applied, and the seedlings could be washed with water immediately to prevent the occurrence of dead seedlings(seed propagation trays). Generally, there is no topdressing at the seedling bed stage, and the solution to the lack of fertilizer mainly depends on the cultivation of bed soil.

(cheap plastic hydroponic trays for sale vietnam)As long as the bed soil is fertilized, the effective nutrients of the seedlings during the growth period after emergence should be selected(hydroponic farming tray). If these fertilizers are used, they should be immediately irrigated with running water or drenched and washed, and the prevention and control of bacterial wilt should be strengthened(seed starting trays wholesale). It mainly refers to the application of chemical fertilizer can not get enough water dilution, resulting in seedling death due to excessive concentration.

When growing vegetables, they are basically available(20 inch plastic plant pots). When the yellow leaves of seedlings are stagnant for lack of fertilizer or after cold wave, nitrogen fertilizer should be applied properly after one leaf and one heart. In the process of urea application, it is not easy to save time. Dry seeding or foliar spraying should be adopted(plastic cell trays supplier). These two methods are easy to damage leaves and roots in the condition of dense dry seedling cultivation and flow of water shortage.

In order to speed up soil ripening and improve soil structure, it is necessary to apply 2500 kg of high-quality farmyard manure per mu on the basis of deep ploughing(2x2 grow tray). When apple is lack of boron, it is the fruit that will appear fruit shrink disease. When broccoli is short of molybdenum, whiplash will appear(heavy duty gallon pot). First, there will be water spots between veins, then yellow necrosis. The growth of the top is inhibited. Alum fertilizer is a kind of acid fertilizer.(cheap plastic hydroponic trays for sale vietnam)

Another situation is improper application of chemical fertilizer at the later stage of seedling emergence(15 gallon garden pot). The land for dry seedling bed should be the dry seedling base with water source, low groundwater level, and flat and standardized plot, and the thin water can be used to spray fertilizer(plastic potting pots), which can not only supply fertilizer evenly, but also help to supplement the water on the bed surface, and accelerate the speed up Root system absorption.

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