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If necessary, use a pest control net cover around the nursery tank to prevent insects from feeding on the seedlings(black plastic nursery pots). Prepare the tray before cultivation. The key to selecting a plug is the size. The size of the plug is 10, 15, 32, 72, 128, 256 holes. In actual production, the appropriate size of the tray should be selected according to different product targets. For example, the cabbage can be selected from 50-hole or 72-hole trays(4 cell trays bulk). If larger lettuce is used, 15 or 10 holes should be used.(cheap plastic landscape pots wholesale supplier)

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After microbial fermentation and harmless treatment, it is applied to leafy substrate cultivation(wholesale nursery pots), but the substrate suitable for cultivation needs to meet certain physical and chemical properties. For example, the particle size requirement is in the range of 0.5~5mm, and the bulk density is 0.1~0.8g/cm3. The total porosity is in the range of 54%~95%, the gas-water ratio of the matrix is better in the range of 1:(2~4), the pH is 6~7, and the products satisfying the basic requirements of physical and chemical properties can be directly selected(24 cell trays bulk). The substrate is cultivated.

The substrate used for substrate cultivation is prepared by mixing the grass charcoal, perlite(plastic nursery pots wholesale), and vermiculite in proportion, or using the local industrial and agricultural solid organic waste. When the seedling grows to the second leaf, the planting begins. Pour the bottom water before planting to keep the substrate moist (Figure 5). The seedlings with good growth and no pests and diseases are transplanted into the trays containing the commercial substrate(6 cell trays bulk). During the transplanting process, the root system should not be damaged as much as possible, and the roots should be vertically stretched and planted in the plugs.

(cheap plastic landscape pots wholesale supplier)Common insect pests of leafy vegetables include cabbage caterpillar(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), diamondback moth, ground tiger, aphid, etc., mainly by hanging yellow sticky board in the facility, harvesting too late, fiber aging, poor taste, if the substrate is accidentally splashed on the blade It should be rinsed with water in time. The timely harvesting of leafy vegetables is very important. The harvesting is too early, the taste is lighter and the yield is low(8 cell trays bulk). Generally, after 25~30 days of planting, it is selected to harvest in the early morning or evening, with good quality and high commerciality.

How to hydroponic? Then keep the upper part of the shorter branch(plastic nursery pots), and use the sterilized knife to cut the long branches of the peony stalks into small segments. The leaves are wilted. It should be covered with film after harvesting to prevent it. Lose water and reduce the value of goods. The use of pesticides should be stopped 7 days before harvesting. Consumers can put the leafy vegetables with the trays in their homes or restaurants(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price), pick them fresh when they are eaten, and the producers can save the harvesting costs.(cheap plastic landscape pots wholesale supplier)

In the early winter, you can try it. In the wild, the sloping grass is in the rocky slope of the hillside, the edge of the ravine(plug trays wholesale), and the wet side of the river. In winter, it is the dormant period of the sloping grass. In the winter, there will be frostbite and even death in the low temperature. It is common to use ramets or cuttings to breed. Sedum sinensis is used as a medicine, which has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying, reducing swelling and diuresis, and discharging pus and muscle(bulk 2 gallon containers). It is often helpful in the daily life of dripping potted tea, which is very helpful for the health of our human body.

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