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Cheap Plastic Nursery Containers Wholesale Price USA

The longevity flower of Changshouhua is commonly known as "Shouxinghua" and "Good Fortune Flower"(wholesale nursery pots). The scientific name is also called Christmas Jialan. Because of the flowering period near Christmas and the long flowering period, Changshouhua has become a "festival flower" for people to celebrate the festive atmosphere. The longevity flower has a high ornamental value, and it can also be used to enjoy the leaves when it is not blooming(18 cell seed starting trays). It is an ideal indoor potted flower. The longevity flower of the longevity flower is the genus Sedum. Suitable for the growing season is the summer origin of Madagascar.

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(cheap plastic nursery containers wholesale price usa)Hi warm, slightly moist and sunny environment(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Resistant to drought, fear of high temperature, resistance to half yin, fear of water and humidity, not cold. Fertilization can also be regarded as a problem in flower cultivation, and it is difficult to grasp the degree of fertilization. When a flower friend is farming, he always thinks that he should apply more fertilizer, but this is precisely wrong(20 cell seed starting trays). For longevity flowers, if the amount of one-time fertilization is too large, it will cause a large area of the leaves to turn yellow, or the whole plant will start to fight.

The longevity flower fertilization should follow the principle of diligent application of thin fertilizer(plastic nursery pots), and a top dressing should be carried out before the emergence of the flower bone, and a top dressing is carried out during the flowering period. The flowerpots for breeding longevity flowers should not be too big. Many flower friends think that when planting plants, the big plants in the pots grow long(40 cell seed starting trays). This idea is wrong. If the plants are small, the pots are large, which causes the roots of the plants to grow in the soil, and the nutrients in the soil are rooted.

(cheap plastic nursery containers wholesale price usa)The whole height of the plant is in the dormant period of the cool summer, and in the autumn(plastic nursery pots wholesale), it is the season with the strongest plant growth. This is the case with longevity flowers, so the large-scale pruning of the longevity flower should be carried out before the fall. The branches grow better, making the plants thicker and lower. At this time, the fertilization is assisted. If the branches of the longevity flower are increased, the flower head will naturally be more(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). After the spring, the basin is changed, and the potting soil is made of fertile garden soil, mixed soil of peat and sand.

Potting soil should not be too wet(black plastic nursery pots). Watering is done once or twice a week during the growing period. In the summer, you should control the watering and pay attention to ventilation. If the temperature is high and wet, the leaves are easy to wither and fall off. Fertilize once every half month during the growing period. Flower buds are formed in autumn, and 1 to 2 times of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be applied. Light temperature: Longevity flowers are short-day plants that are sensitive to photoperiod responses(104 cell seed starting trays). Plants with good growth and development can be flowered with short daylight (8-9 hours per day) for 3 to 4 weeks.

(cheap plastic nursery containers wholesale price usa)As long as there are more longevity flowers, nutrition can keep up, and future flowering will not be a problem(plug trays wholesale). Adequate fertilizer and water are the basis of plant flowering, but some flower friends try to save trouble on the one hand, and overestimate the endurance of longevity flowers on the other hand, while applying too much fertilizer, the result is often counterproductive. Longevity flowers either have a large number of yellow leaves or are listless because of high concentrations of soil solution(105 cell seed starter trays). In this state, flowering is not impossible.

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