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Cheap Plastic Nursery Containers Wholesale

Spray the leaf surface once or twice a day(36 cell trays bulk). During the growth process, every 10-15 days, the rotted liquid fertilizer is applied from mid-May to ensure that the aroma is not broken, thereby enhancing its ornamental value. If you can apply nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium compound fertilizer, the effect is better. The nighttime scent is multiplied by the cuttings, plus spring and autumn pruning, the annual thick branches are selected, cut into 8-10 cm long cuttings(wholesale nursery pots), and smashed into the sand and soil at a temperature of 20-24 °C.

(cheap plastic nursery containers wholesale)If it is a seedling, in this case, rooting after 1 month, you can divide or put on the basin(51 cell trays bulk). The nightly branches grow faster. If it grows naturally, it can grow about 1 meter in a year. Therefore, trimming is required every year to sprout more side branches and more flowers. Trimming is usually done in the fall and each side branch is kept 10-12 cm long(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Thanks to the flowers, the dry branches and overly dense branches should be cut off.

When replacing the basin(40 cell trays bulk), some old soil and old roots should be removed, replaced with new culture soil, and re-cut to promote the sprouts. After changing the pot at night, keep the basin moist, but there should be no water in the basin. If you find that the young leaves are slightly drooping after changing the pot, you should water them in time. Causes and treatment of night yellow leaves: The top leaves of the pale yellow water are yellow(black plastic nursery pots), the old leaves gradually turn yellow, and the new branches are shrinking.

(cheap plastic nursery containers wholesale)It is raining or too much water, causing the basin to be too wet, the soil to be dehydrated, and the roots to rot(104 cell trays bulk). The correct way is to loosen the soil and control the watering. The color of the top leaves of the potted flowers is normal, but the lower leaves gradually dry and fall off. This is usually due to the fact that the potting soil is too full and not permeable for a long time, causing the lower leaves to age(plastic nursery pots). Excess potted soil should be properly removed and watered in moderation to keep the soil moist.

You should gradually increase the fertilizer, but be careful not to be too thick(40 cell tray in bulk). Potted flowers are replaced within one to two years. The bonsai of the trees is changed every 24 years. Add a small amount of base fertilizer at the bottom of the pot and change some new soil. The leaves look uneven, the new leaves are thick, the old leaves turn yellow, and most are caused by fat(plug trays wholesale). Water should be watered frequently, fertilization should be suspended, and rapeseed or other seeds should be sown in pots. After emergence, fertilization is consumed.

(cheap plastic nursery containers wholesale)An 800-fold anti-clam 23 emulsifiable concentrate and 73% chlorpyrifos can be used(72 cell seed starting trays). To prevent mites, use a 40% dimethoate 600-800 times solution. In order to control blight, a 600-800-fold wilting solution, 600 times carbendazim solution 600 times, and the like can be used. If a blight plant is found, it should be removed in time, taken outside the garden and burned(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The soil around the plant turns over to produce lime, which is replanted after one month.

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