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With the continuous expansion of demand in recent years(flat plastic tray), and it is easy to be affected by the external environment, abnormal mushrooming phenomenon occurs. The adverse environment may cause different mushroom abnormalities, such as needle mushroom, weak mushroom, early open mushroom, obese mushroom, water mushroom(seed starting trays), water-deficient mushroom, and base of mushroom handle.

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Causes of abnormal phenomena of different types of mushrooms and corresponding control measures(seed starter trays). In the early stage of the development of the fruit body of Flammulina velutipes, due to improper operation, the bagging is too early or the bag mouth is too tight, resulting in a high concentration of carbon dioxide in the bag(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale), which has a certain inhibitory effect on the growth of the cap, and the cap is not properly developed.(cheap plastic nursery plant containers manufacturer)

At the same time, after bagging, it is necessary to ensure daily ventilation(plastic grow pots), as well as reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide in the bag, and promote the differentiation of the cap and the thickening of the stipe. The mushroom stem can not support the mushroom body, so that the mushroom body can not stand on its own and present in the state of the east and the west(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The specific weak parts often occur in the middle and lower parts of the stipe.

The middle and lower parts of the stipe are slightly thicker like a needle tip(square nursery pots). Note that the abnormality of white mushroom injection refers to the abnormality of the Flammulina velutipes fruiting body in the reproductive growth period. At first, the mushroom body in this part often appears dark brown, followed by symptoms(propagation tray). Deepening will induce atrophy or death of the mushroom body. The top of the mushroom is sharp, and the cap remains in the state of primordial development.(cheap plastic nursery plant containers manufacturer)

The concentration of carbon dioxide in the growing environment is too high(greenhouse supplies pots), and the disease of the mushroom body may become the cause of the weakening of the mushroom body. Such an external environment will destroy the normal physiological activity of the mushroom body, causing the loss of activity and eventually necrosis of the mushroom body cells(15 gallon nursery pots supplier). Reduce the temperature of the mushrooms and arrange the timing of the mushrooms in the lower temperature season.

At the same time, the material surface is too dry, the mushroom buds are too small or only a small amount of mushroom buds along the wall of the bag(black plastic plant pots). Control the time of sputum, avoid the bacteria too late, so that the stimulating surface is synchronized. Prevent the surface from drying out and open the bag after the mushroom buds appear(gallon plant pots wholesale). When the mushroom buds appear around the wall of the bag, they are pressed to death to prevent the appearance of obese mushrooms.

(cheap plastic nursery plant containers manufacturer)When the mushroom is overheated, the white mushroom is a variant of Flammulina velutipes(nursery plant pots). Compared with the common Flammulina velutipes, it has the characteristics of bright color, rich taste and high nutritional value, which is widely favored by consumers(half gallon nursery pots wholesale). The mushroom body is not yet mature, and the cap has already been opened. In the process of treating hyphae, standardize the operation method to ensure light handling.

The growth of white enoki mushroom is relatively weak, the position of the mushroom is not correct, and the sputum is too late or bud after bud(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). Do a good job in the management of the mushroom farm, control the temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide content in the room, and strengthen the disinfection and sterilization work(cheapest 2 gallon pots). The strains are not good enough, the cultivation bags are contaminated, resulting in nutrient consumption, and the nutrients in the bags are insufficient.

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