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Cheap Plastic Nursery Plant Pots For Sale South Korea

If the maximum temperature or lower than the minimum temperature limit, the normal growth and development of flowers will be damaged, even death(1 gallon plastic nursery pots). Such as jade zinc, Dong Cao, Shandan lily, perennial Phlox, Althaea, Rosa multiflora, rose, clove, sea purple, check Yemei, purple, honeysuckle, wood stall, hickory, Longbai, etc(plastic plant trays wholesale). In South China and the south of Southwest China, it can overwinter in the open field, so it is called greenhouse flowers.

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For example, if the temperature in winter is lower than that of the original place, cold damage will occur if the temperature is lower than that of the original place(rootmaker propagation trays); on the contrary, if the temperature in winter is too high to fully dormant and consume nutrients, the growth and flowering of the next year will be affected(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Semi cold resistant flowers originated from temperate zone or warm temperate zone, generally can withstand low temperature of about - 5 ℃.

(cheap plastic nursery plant pots for sale south korea)Generally, according to the temperature requirements of common flowers, they can be divided into the following three categories(one gallon pot): cold resistant flowers, can tolerate a low temperature of about - 20 ℃, and other areas need to enter the greenhouse to overwinter, and can safely overwinter in the open field in North China and the south of Northeast China(11.43cm square grow pots). They can't bear low temperature, otherwise they will produce chilling damage.

In the Yangtze River Basin, it can safely overwinter in the open field(2 gallon pots wholesale). In North China, Northwest China and Northeast China, protective measures (such as burying soil or wrapping branches) must be taken to survive the winter. Such as chrysanthemum, tricolor cocoon, goldfish grass, Du Jinxiang, rose, plum blossom, pomegranate, Magnolia, Yingchun, hydrangea, etc(square grow pots). This kind of flowers originated from tropical or subtropical regions.(cheap plastic nursery plant pots for sale south korea)

In order to facilitate the cultivation(plastic bonsai pots wholesale), such as geranium, Clivia, cyclamen, asparagus, mazurica, poinsettia, alternifolia, Strelitzia, calamus, brandy, rubber tree, Brasilia, Phalaenopsis, xianrenna and succulent plants, the indoor minimum temperature should not be lower than 7 ~ 10 ℃ in winter, and should be kept at 15 ~ 18 ℃(seed starting trays). The same flower in different growth and development stages, the temperature requirements are not the same.

(cheap plastic nursery plant pots for sale south korea)Higher soil temperature is also required for rooting and budding(2.5 inch square plastic pots). The temperature of the seedlings should be slightly lower when they are unearthed to prevent the seedlings from growing too long. Most of the two-year-old flowers can pass through the vernalization stage only after a period of low temperature of 1-5 ℃ at seedling stage, otherwise(11.43cm square nursery pots), flower bud differentiation can not be carried out and normal flowering can not be carried out.

Therefore, higher temperature is needed to promote vegetative growth, which is conducive to the accumulation of nutrients(5 gallon plastic nursery pots). At the flowering and fruiting stage, which are native to temperate and sub frigid zones, most flowers do not need high temperature, and the temperature is slightly lower, which is conducive to reproduction and growth(gallon pot). So many flowers flower little in hot summer. The flowers originated in tropical climate have higher requirements for temperature.

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