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Cheap Plastic Nursery Planters For Sale

What are the key points of cotton seedling technology? For farmers who grow cotton(gallon plant pot), it is important to understand these knowledge about cotton seedlings. This article will introduce the methods of cotton seedlings and their attention points in detail, and hope to help farmers better grow cotton. Also known as floating seedlings(greenhouse supplies pots). It is a practical technique for using a porous polyethylene foam seedling tray as a carrier to put a seedling tray of a cotton seed into a nutrient liquid water seedling bed for seedling raising.(cheap plastic nursery planters for sale)

According to the seedbed, the width is 1.2m and the depth is 0.2m. The length of the 667 m2 cotton field seedbed is about 2.1m(cell trays). The bed pool is dug, and the bed is compacted. The bottom of the bed is flat, the level is the same, and the stones and hard objects are cut off to prevent scratching. The mulch film causes leakage of nutrient solution. Firstly, the bed and the bottom layer of the seedbed are wetted with water to make the bed soil soft(flat plastic tray). A film of 0.01 mm thick is used to spread the film on the bottom of the seedbed and the surrounding area, so that the film is close to the soil, and the film extends to cover the bed 15 cm each.

Only when there are bubbles, it is necessary to re-film(propagation tray). If the water leaks, replace the film. After testing the water, compact it with soil. Each bag of seedling fertilizer can be formulated with 150-200kg of nutrient solution, and can be used for 8 dishes and 1600 cotton seedlings. Firstly, according to each bag of seedling fertilizer, 5kg of water is mixed into mother liquor, poured into the nursery pond, and then added with clear water to ensure that the fertilizer is fully dissolved(plastic grow pots). The high-efficiency mixed matrix is selected, the substrate is uniformly wetted with water, and the water is kneaded by hand, and no water is flown between the fingers.

(cheap plastic nursery planters for sale)Pour the substrate evenly into the seedling tray(gallon nursery pots), smooth the surface and shake the seedling tray to make the substrate firm and drop to 1-1.5cm from the surface of the plate to ensure evenness and uniformity. Generally, 8 seedling trays can be installed per bag of substrate. Generally, from the end of April to the beginning of May, the water temperature is stable above 17 °C to sow seedlings(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Soak the seeds for 3 to 4 days before sowing, then soak them in warm water at 30 °C for 8 to 10 hours, and select the seeds for sowing.

Sowing 1 capsule per hole, the seed (bud) pointed downward, facing the hole at the bottom of the hole, the seeding depth is 1~1.5cm(plug trays). After the sowing, the substrate is covered with the substrate to the surface of the nursery hole, and the spray is more than 50%. Bacteriostatic 2000 times liquid hydrating disinfection. The seedling tray can be placed in the indoor heat preservation and moisturizing seedlings(wholesale greenhouse pots), and then the seedlings are placed in the nursery pond, and the two vertical and horizontal rows are alternately arranged, and a certain gap is left between the tray and the tray, and the nursery pond is insulated by a small arch shed or a greenhouse.

(cheap plastic nursery planters for sale)Cover it in the morning and evening (6:30 pm - 7:30 am), and cover the membrane on rainy days(black plastic plant pots), but open the shed at both ends and open the vents around to make the air circulate. After the two leaves of the cotton seedlings are finished, the film can be uncovered and the seedlings can be removed from the nutrient solution on a sunny day. In case of cold current invasion, cover the membrane insulation, or move the seedling tray to the room(square grow pots). According to the growth of cotton seedlings combined with pest control, the application of ketamine can be carried out to prevent high seedlings.

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