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Cheap Plastic Nursery Planters Wholesale

Many potted friends like to plant Clivia in a potted plant, but sometimes they want to plant a few pots and don't want to spend money(104 cell trays bulk). So what should I do? How can a Clivia change the pots and basins? I hope to help everyone. Let me share with you my little tricks. After the flower is thanked, Clivia usually produces many kinds of pods(plastic plant trays wholesale). When these pods turn deep red, touch the pods with your hands and you will feel that these pods have softened.

(cheap plastic nursery planters wholesale)Then cut off the mature seed pods with scissors(128 cell seed starter trays), and then place the seeds in a ventilated place with astigmatism for about half a month to reserve. Today, prepare a potted vessel, inject a small amount of water at the bottom, and then place the dried seeds in a culture vessel for about 3-5 days(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). But for flowerers who don't have culture vessels, they can also place the seeds in wet gauze and place them in a warm environment.

Now Xiaobian is going to prepare some fresh sawdust for seedlings(51 cell trays bulk), but before using the sawdust, use boiled water for about a quarter of an hour to disinfect. The seeds that successfully complete the germination process are then placed in the sawdust with the buds facing down. In this way, put the nursery pot in a place with good ventilation and can receive astigmatism(large plastic terracotta pots), keep spraying water every morning and evening, about 20 days, the leaf tip will gradually become longer.

(cheap plastic nursery planters wholesale)For everyone to share, when the leaf tip grows to 2-3 cm in length(128 cell seedling start trays), we can transplant the seedlings into the pots for conservation management. Do not rush to water for the first 2 days. After 2 days, you can give a small amount of water to keep the soil moist. The seeds will spread out of the young leaves(square grow pots). After the leaves are long enough, we can divide the cultivated seedlings into pots, and we will get more pots of Clivia.

The plant shape of Clivia is large enough to reach the age at which it can be flowered(40 cell tray in bulk). If the plant already has more than 12 intact leaves, we need to use it in time to give it enough nutrients to achieve a smooth bud. . In general, we use some potassium dihydrogen phosphate to supplement nutrient(seed starting trays)s. The application of this fertilizer is mainly to supplement the phosphorus and potassium elements, which is very important for flowering plants to grow flower buds.

(cheap plastic nursery planters wholesale)Mainly we apply fertilizer in a timely and scientific manner, and Clivia will soon take out the flower arrows and bloom(72 cell seed starting trays). However, the frequency of use of potassium dihydrogen phosphate should not be too high, and it is generally used twice a month. Of course, you should also keep a multi-element compound fertilizer for each month as a supplement. If we can sprinkle some multi-element slow-release fertilizer on the surface of the pot(gallon pot), let the fertilizer evenly and slowly penetrate into the potting soil for Clivia to absorb.

Mainly to achieve the purpose of balanced nutrition(40 cell trays bulk). The autumn topdressing can continue until its flower buds grow out and are about to bloom, but it is not the first time that you see the flowers and arrows to stop the topping. Because doing so may bring the consequences of the clip arrow, and the clip arrow is usually a manifestation of insufficient nutrients(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Therefore, our topdressing generally lasts until the flower arrows are all drawn out, so as to avoid the situation of pinching arrows.

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