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Cheap Plastic Nursery Pots 1 Gal Wholesale Suppliers Ohio

Leafy vegetables are mainly eaten with soft leaves, petioles or stems, rich in minerals and vitamins(square nursery pots). With the changes in people's dietary structure, leafy vegetables are increasingly favored by consumers. The market supply can only rely on local production, and under the conditions of facility cultivation, due to excessive fertilization and medication, leafy vegetables are easy to accumulate nitrate and pesticide residues(1 gallon pots manufacturer), making leafy vegetable production and safety status a common concern.

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(cheap plastic nursery pots 1 gal wholesale suppliers ohio)It can effectively overcome soil continuous cropping obstacles and reduce the amount of fertilizers and pesticides(seed starter trays); water and nutrients can be supplied adequately, leafy vegetables grow faster, fresh products and less crude fiber content, can achieve high quality, pollution-free, clean and green production of leafy vegetables. And it can grow more than one year in a year, which has good economic and social benefits(2 gallon plant pots wholesale). In addition, organic fertilizer can also be added to the cultivation substrate, and only water can be poured to produce green leafy vegetables.

Variety selection Because leafy vegetables grow fast, cycle is short(wholesale greenhouse pots), and adapt to the environment, protective facilities such as greenhouses, plastic greenhouses, small and medium-sized arch sheds and insect-proof net rooms can meet the needs of leafy cultivation. When planting and producing in summer and autumn, it is high temperature and rainy. It needs to be equipped with simple facilities such as insect net and sunshade net, which can create a suitable growth environment for the growth of leafy vegetables(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale), which is beneficial to prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases and reduce the use of pesticides.

(cheap plastic nursery pots 1 gal wholesale suppliers ohio)However, most of the leafy vegetables are not suitable for long-distance transportation and long-term preservation(greenhouse supplies pots). The leafy plant nutrient substrate is used for soilless cultivation of leafy vegetables. Due to the isolation from the soil and the small amount of fertilization, the leafy substrate cultivation base should be flat, with sufficient water supply and traffic. Convenient field. Generally, according to market demand and consumer eating habits, the appropriate leafy varieties and varieties should be selected(2 gallon plant pots supplier). The varieties should consider the characteristics of disease resistance, stress resistance, yield, adaptability and commerciality.

For each single hole, 2-3 seeds were planted per hole, and only 1 seed was left after the cotyledon grew(plastic grow pots). However, in order to reduce the production cost and improve the cultivation effect, it is best to concentrate the seedlings before transplanting. When raising seedlings, first prepare a rectangular shallow trough in the protective facility, lay a layer of plastic film on the bottom of the shallow trough, place the seedling substrate in the trough(1 gallon plant pots supplier), and then spread the leaf seed evenly on the substrate, and then cover a layer of 0.2~0.5. A thick substrate of cm is poured into the bottom water.(cheap plastic nursery pots 1 gal wholesale suppliers ohio)

When the large-scale leafy vegetables are cultivated and produced(4 gallon nursery pots wholesale), an automatic precision seeding production line can be used, which requires the seeds to be full and uniform, and the purity, clarity and germination rate are all above 98%, and the moisture content is below 8%. In the seedling stage, the leafy seedlings are wet and not drought-tolerant, and the water should be sufficient during the emergence process. The water should be watered before the emergence of the seedlings(flat plastic tray). If there is high temperature, prevent the buds from germination, and before noon, After the timely cooling and watering.

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