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Cheap Plastic Nursery Pots For Sale

The average temperature in most parts of the country is above 10-20 degrees from March to May each year(plastic nursery pots). Rainfall increases, humidity increases, plants germinate, and the land has shown spring. It is the growing season of flowers. Most flowers grow new buds, which is the best growing season. The weather is changeable in spring. If you don't take care of the potted plants, you may not be able to survive the winter, but it is damaged in this spring(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). Next, I will share with you some experience of spring flower cultivation, hoping to help you all! 

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(cheap plastic nursery pots for sale)In spring, the air is dry and the wind is strong. Flowers have insufficient water storage after winter(plastic nursery pots wholesale). They are easily dehydrated and withered by the wind. Spring happens to be the growing season of flowers, which consumes more water than ever before. Therefore, to avoid the direct wind blows the flowers in the plastic flowerpot, when the pot soil cracks, more timely watering, the principle of watering flowers is not dry, watering is watering through(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). Cut off dead branches and leaves of flowers in time after winter to ensure that the branches and leaves of flowers and plants are evenly distributed and ventilated.

After entering the period of vigorous growth(black plastic nursery pots), the fertilization of all kinds of flowers should keep up. When recovering, no fertilization should be applied, and branches and leaves should grow. When the leaves are a little larger, fertilization should be applied once a week or half a month. Soil should be loosened before watering and fertilization. If you want to change the plastic flowerpot, evergreen flowers are the easiest to survive before they leave. It's better to change the flowerpot on cloudy days. Spring is a period of high incidence of flower diseases and insect pests(bulk 10 gallon pots). The simplest way to control them is to spray Bordeaux liquid on the back of leaves once or twice a day.

(cheap plastic nursery pots for sale)If we do not take precautions in time(plug trays wholesale), it will be too late to take precautions until the flowers have problems, so prevention is the most important. In winter, cold-tolerant flowers can overwinter naturally outdoors, but the work of cold prevention and warmth preservation should not be neglected, especially potted plants overwintering outdoors. Low temperature can easily freeze the potted soil and freeze the roots. For seedlings transplanted from the south to the north and perennial flowers that are not cold-tolerant, appropriate anti-freezing measures must be taken to avoid the harm caused by low temperature. After winter, the weather is getting colder and colder(3 gallon nursery pots bulk). Most potted flowers can't stand the cold outside. They are easy to freeze to death.

In particular, some southern plants can not help freezing(seed starter trays), so how to keep potted plants warm? Use plastic film to build a insulation shed for flowers, use bamboo or metal as a framework, cover the film, and then tighten the film with wire. In this way, flowers will enter the greenhouse, warm as spring. Buy a few pieces of glass, make a glass box, cover the flowers, usually a few plastic flower pots with a box of flowers, with glass glue into a box on it(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). When moved indoors, the indoor temperature was significantly higher than that outside.(cheap plastic nursery pots for sale)

This will not freeze the flowers to death, if there is heating indoors, the effect will be better(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If there are many flowers, let's heat them. It's OK to burn a Kang or a charcoal stove. The carefully cultivated flowers and trees are all painstaking. It's a pity if they freeze to death. If there is room on the balcony at home, it is good to put it on the balcony, which not only does not occupy indoor space, but also keeps the potted plants warm(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). A sun balcony is equivalent to a greenhouse, very warm, and a few flowers come out, it is even more beautiful.

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