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Cheap Plastic Nursery Pots Manufacturers In Philippines

According to the formula requirements of different crops for different nutrients(plastic plant trays wholesale), part of the nitrogen fertilizer can be broken and mixed in powder form, then it can be wrapped with non-water-soluble phosphate fertilizer, as well as potassium fertilizer and trace elements in proportion to form particles(72 cell trays), to make wrapped compound fertilizer. It has the advantages of low price and good environmental protection effect.

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The phosphate fertilizer wrapped with urea is fertilizer itself(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), which can provide nutrients for crops, can be transformed on the original compound fertilizer production equipment, part of the nitrogen fertilizer can be wrapped, and reduce the input cost(72 cell trays bulk). It is necessary to ensure the high content of the effective components of the medicinal materials while applying fertilizer to improve the yield of the medicinal materials.(cheap plastic nursery pots manufacturers in philippines)

It shall not be stored and applied in combination with alkaline fertilizer such as plant ash(heavy duty plant pots). Applying farmyard manure can reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer and cost. However, the improper accumulation and application of farmyard manure will lead to the serious loss of nutrients, which will not have the effect of increasing fertilizer(plastic seed trays). When storing farmyard manure, sealing work shall be done to prevent volatilization and leakage of manure.

Calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer is a kind of citric acid soluble fertilizer(cheap 1 gallon plant pots), its dissolution process is slow, and it is used as a slow-release agent to wrap the instant fertilizer to achieve the slow-release effect. Fertilizer should be fully decomposed to improve the release rate of nutrients and kill parasites, In the process of production, pathogens and weeds(plastic garden pots wholesale). Resin coated urea is a product formed by coating urea with various resin materials.

(cheap plastic nursery pots manufacturers in philippines)The pore size of the coating can be adjusted by selecting different resin materials and their ratio(gallon pot); the coating thickness can be adjusted by controlling the proportion of coating materials in coated urea. The release days of nutrients in coated urea can be controlled by these processes(buy plant pots online). According to the different growth cycle of crops, resin coated urea with 60 days, 90 days, 120 days, even 300 days, 500 days can be produced.

When the water chestnut germ grows 1-2cm, the seeds are evenly distributed in the water(seed starting trays). Before sowing, the water grass, moss and wild water chestnut in the pond should be removed. The amount of seed per mu is generally 10kg, and the amount can be increased properly in the pond with poor fertility(custom plant pot). For ponds with large water surface and deep water, seedling raising and transplanting can be adopted, thus affecting the yield.

After planting, the water layer will be gradually deepened with the increase of seedling age(square grow pots). The amount of seeds per mu is about 60kg, and the transplantable water surface is 5-6mu. The seedling age is about 60 days, there are 10 top leaves, the rhombic disc is 15 cm, and it is released when it has 2-3 branches(buy succulent pots online). When it is released, 10 plants of grass rope are tied into a bunch, and it is gradually inserted into the water bottom.(cheap plastic nursery pots manufacturers in philippines)

If the density of water chestnut is too high after it grows out of the water(plastic grow pots), it can adopt artificial thinning and seedling homogenization to prevent the head of water chestnut from sealing the water surface early and opening small. The water temperature should be stable above 12 ℃ during stocking, which can be divided into direct seeding and seedling transplanting(small succulent pots wholesale). Direct seeding is suitable for 2-3m deep and fertile ponds.

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