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Place: the cypress should be placed in a place with good air circulation and sufficient sunshine(6.35cm square grow pots). Spraying leaf surface water frequently in summer is beneficial to its growth. If it is placed indoors, attention should be paid to ventilation, so as not to cause withered leaves and affect its beauty(sowing tray). Cupressus chinensis prefers fertilizer, so fertilizer can be slightly more than other pines and cypresses.

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Grafting propagation is usually carried out by grafting(6 inch plastic nursery pots). Sabina chinensis or Platycladus orientalis Seedlings should be selected as rootstock, the stem diameter of rootstock should be 1.5cm, and 2-year-old branches with full growth and still green should be selected for scion. The whole posture processing of Cupressus cuspidata is mainly based on climbing and binding, supplemented by pruning(plant cell trays). It can overwinter outdoors in winter.

(cheap plastic nursery pots suppliers united states)In the peak growing season from April to June, after grafting(plastic succulent pots), we can apply rotten cake fertilizer water every 15 days, thin light fertilizer water twice in summer, and fermented cake fertilizer chips in the basin in autumn. Seeds often carry pathogens, so we disinfect them first, and then sow them, which can reduce the disease and is conducive to the healthy growth of vegetables(plant germination trays). The survival rate can reach more than 90%.

Pruning: Green cypress should not be pruned more(cheap nursery pots), but can cut off the parallel branches, overlapping branches and weak branches that affect the appearance, and take out the long tender branches, which can be pinched by fingers to maintain the beauty of the tree shape(6 cell plant trays). When turning the pot, remove 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 2 of the old soil, arrange and cut the roots, cover them with straw, and replace them with fertile and loose culture soil.(cheap plastic nursery pots suppliers united states)

It is better to turn the basin every 2-3 years, from March to April in spring, or in autumn(nursery pots canada). Artificial propagation: Platycladus orientalis is usually propagated by means of supporting, grafting or layering. The grafting time should be in May. After about 2 months, the scions should be cut off from the bottom of the interface(plastic flower pots manufacturers). When replanting in the spring of the second year, the rootstock seedlings above the interface should be cut off.

(cheap plastic nursery pots suppliers united states)The transplanting is carried out in March(greenhouse pots). The sandy loam with fertile and loose soil layer and good drainage is selected as the seedbed. The length of the cuttings is 12-15 cm. The lower branches and leaves are cut off. The depth of the cuttings is 5-6 cm, the row spacing is 12 cm, and the plant spacing is 5 cm(50 cell plug trays). After the cuttings, the seeds are sown to make the soil close to the cuttings. The water is poured and the shed is built.

The survival rate of Platycladus orientalis can reach 80% in the following spring(1.5 gallon plant pot). Grafting propagation usually takes Platycladus orientalis Seedlings as rootstock, abdominal grafting is carried out in February to march in spring, the soil is buried to the grafting part, after survival, the upper branches and leaves of the rootstock are cut off first, and the rootstock is cut off at the joint in the second year(seed starting tray wholesale), the survival rate can reach more than 90%.(cheap plastic nursery pots suppliers united states)

Generally, grafting propagation grows fast, and the management is labor-saving, so it is widely used(plastic plant pots canada). In spring and summer, choose strong branches, cut the cortex, cover with 5-6cm thick fertile soil, fix them with bamboo sticks, keep them moist, and water them early in the day, so that they can take root in the same year(seed cell trays). When the weather is dry, water frequently, spray wet leaf surface as the degree, the soil should not be too wet.

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