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Cheap Plastic Nursery Pots Wholesale Malaysia

Cover the seedbed with the mold film, keep the relative humidity of the air in the seedbed at 85% ~ 90%, properly cover the sprout, control the light intensity, and keep the temperature at 22 ~ 28 ℃ (depending on the plant type)(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale malaysia). After 3 ~ 4 weeks of culture, well-developed roots with absorption function can be formed(v10 plastic pots). 2000 plants are planted every 667 meters. 

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The specific technical measures are as follows: This method is used for pruning, leaving 16 ears of fruits per plant, with an average number of stable fruits of 4.2, an ear weight of 700g and a yield of 23000 kg(72 cell tray). The role of seedling refining is to promote the occurrence of stem and leaf protective tissue and the recovery of stomatal function by enhancing the changes of light and air humidity(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale malaysia). 

Generally, the rootless test-tube plantlets that have been Before transferring to the rooting medium, the poorly grown seedlings, weak seedlings, single-cell seedlings, etc(200 cell seedling trays). should preferably be cultivated with strong seedlings (see above) and then transferred to the rooting medium(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale malaysia). After transplanting, the transportation of water and nutrients is blocked, resulting in the death of the seedling(12 cell seed trays).

To promote the root system occurrence and functional recovery of test tube plantlets, the methods of in vitro rooting and out of vitro rooting (see the above) can be used to promote the root system occurrence and restore the absorption function of test tube plantlets(40 cell plug tray). For example, the stem tip explants of Du Peng are cultured through continuous pot culture(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale malaysia), The number of branchlets increased at the beginning.

Some plants can be induced into seedlings by tube culture, but the root system of the seedling is produced from the injured tissue and is not connected with the push tube bundle of the stem and leaf of the seedling(seedling tray 128 holes). The root is not connected with the transport system. It is very easy to lose water(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale malaysia). Seedling refining promotes the occurrence of stem and leaf protective tissue and the recovery of stomatal function(16.5cm plastic plant pots). 

Only when the buds are cut off and transferred to the rooting medium and then grow roots, can they be connected with the vascular bundles of stems and leaves and survive(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale malaysia). The reasonable degree should be that the original leaves decline slowly and new leaves emerge gradually(v16 plastic pots). Generally, at the beginning of seedling refining, the light intensity should be L10 of sunlight, and then increase by 10% every 3 days.

Some flowers can maintain the original regeneration ability and proliferation rate through long-term subculture, such as rose and inverted golden bell, while some flowers differentiate and reduce the regeneration and reproduction ability with the extension of subculture time(105 cell seed trays). After 10 ~ 30 days of seedling refining, it can be cultivated in full light, but the strong light at noon should be avoided at the beginning(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale malaysia).

The stomata open so much that they cannot be closed(8 cell seed trays). Leaf photosynthesis capacity is extremely low(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale malaysia). After the treated test-tube plantlets were directly transferred to the soil, the survival rate increased from less than 30% of the control to more than 85%. This process is called domestication or seedling training(plastic ground cover). The substrate is made of a mixture of peat soil: perlite (l:1), which is breathable and moisturizing.

If the speed of dehumidification is too fast, the increase of light intensity is too large, and the original leaves decline too fast, the original leaves will fade green, burn, die or slow seedlings for too long and cannot survive(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale malaysia). At present, this method has been widely used in tissue culture of many plants(24 cell seed trays). For domestication, the length of subculture time has different effects on the reproduction rate of different flower species.

Of course, when refining seedlings, first open the bottle mouth, gradually reduce the humidity and gradually enhance the light(72 cell seed trays). The leaf tissue gap is large, the fence tissue is thin, the stomata opening is large, and it is easy to lose water after transplanting(11cm plastic plant pots). Then plant it in a nutrient cup, appropriately increase the light and reduce the relative humidity of the air, and carry out normal seedling management(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale malaysia).

The upper and lower surfaces of mature leaves grown by conventional propagation and cultivation in greenhouses are covered with a layer of rod-shaped wax particles, and there are also on young leaves, but they are less and small(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale malaysia). In terms of humidity, saturation humidity shall be required in the first 3 days, and then it shall be reduced by 5% ~ 8% every 2 ~ 3 days until it is the same as the atmosphere(20 cell plant trays). 

Therefore(6 cell plant trays), after 10 days of shading and spraying seedlings, the test-tube plantlets induce a waxy layer of epidermis, which can survive after transplanting(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale malaysia). The conduction system of the upper stem is not fully developed and the water supply is insufficient, causing the wilted swallow to wither and die. In terms of general physiological functions, the root has no or very low heat harvest function(v15 plastic pots). The leaves easily lose water.

The method is to transfer the test tube seedling to the rooting medium when it grows to 3 to 4 cm, and after the root primordium grows out, take it out and plant it into the nutrient cup for rooting(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale malaysia). Keep these two side vines, drop the plant (main vine), bind the vine again, and erase the leaf buds(18 cell seed starting trays). Due to the different propagation methods of test-tube plantlets, V-culture can be cultured in solid medium and liquid medium.

The test-tube seedlings are grown under the special environment of low light(4 cell plant trays), constant temperature and high humidity for a long time, so their morphology, anatomy and physiological characteristics are different from those grown in greenhouses and fields(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale malaysia). In order to adapt to the lower humidity and higher light intensity after transfer(128 cell seedling trays), To be able to self-support, there must be a process of gradual exercise and adaptation.

Test-tube plantlets move from the inside of the test tube to the outside of the test tube, changing from aseptic to bacteria, from constant temperature, high humidity, low light to natural temperature, low humidity, and strong light, and from heterotrophic to autotrophic(50 cell plug flats). The change is very drastic(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale malaysia). The process of humidity reduction and light enhancement varies according to plant species and environmental conditions.

Generally(105 cell propagation trays), in order to improve the survival rate of transplanting, these changes should be gradually reduced according to the local climate conditions, environmental characteristics, plant types, transplanting seasons and equipment conditions(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale malaysia). During the fruit expansion and ripening process(plastic hanging baskets wholesale), the membrane buds drawn out between the leaf membranes of the first and second leaves of the top should be protected.

The test-tube seedlings treated with the plant growth retardant paclobutrazol generally showed(black plastic ground cover): The height decreased, the thickness increased, and they became dwarf; The roots were fast and the number of roots was large, which greatly increased the root system's ability to absorb nutrients(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale malaysia); Leaf The color is dark green, and the chlorophyll content increases, thereby enhancing its autotrophic ability after transplanting.

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