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After disinfection of natural substances, warm soup soaking for 4 hours(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale pakistan). American cucumber is an excellent variety of cucumber introduced from the United States, which is generally exported to Japan as jump stain primary processing. The fruit shape is 8.5 ~ 14 cm long and 3.4 ~ 4 cm in diameter(11cm plastic plant pots). It is better to use steel preparation first and then biological bacterial fertilizer. 

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If the environmental conditions change accidentally during male differentiation or male differentiation, when the seedling has two leaves and one heart, it shall be taken out of the cinder basin, planted into the vegetative body or Yangwa(16cm plastic plant pot), and irrigated with beneficial biological ester or copper agent mixed with 700 times of zinc sulfate solution to prevent the death caused by rod fall disease(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale pakistan). 

The sex determination of flower buds is not only related to the heredity of the variety, but also mainly depends on the external environmental conditions(16.5cm plastic plant pots). The leggy seedlings have slender stems, long nodes, thin leaves, light color, long petioles, early cotyledons fall, and lower leaves tend to wither early and the root system is small(polypropylene ground cover). Cotyledons and true leaves do not fall off or turn yellow too early. 

Wipe thin film in winter, day and night high temperature (30℃), no matter long day (more than 12 hours) or short day service (6~8 hours), single flowers will not be formed or rarely formed(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale pakistan); the amount of low temperature at night, long sunshine, few grass flowers. ethephon, grinning acetic acid, dwarf shesu, etc.(24 cell seed trays), all have the effect of promoting the differentiation of male flowers. 

These pigments not only deepen the color of the leaves and inhibit the physiological function of chlorophyll in the leaves, but also a harmful substance(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale pakistan). The short daylight can increase relatively: day temperature is low, night temperature is high, no matter how long the daylight is, male flowers are basically not formed(plastic hanging baskets wholesale): but the day and night temperature is too low, and female flowers are rarely formed. 

The plant is strong and vigorous(40 cell seed trays), with large leaves, strong branching and fruit setting ability, developed root system, distributed in the soil layer within 30cm of the surface, mainly horizontal growth, poor regeneration ability, suitable for sandy soil with good air permeability(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale pakistan). There are 10 to 14 male flower buds(12 cell seed trays). Studies have confirmed that the above-mentioned leaves are the performance of growth at low temperatures.

It has strong buds, cold resistance, disease resistance and large cotyledons(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale pakistan). When giving seeds, stir water to breathe, so as not to suffocate the seeds from hypoxia and burn them to death. Seed disinfection is an economic and effective method to prevent vegetable diseases and insect pests(20 cell plant trays). It can not be mixed at the same time. 0.1% urea + 0.1% potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be sprayed as needed. 

The seedling is strong, highly transparent, neat in size, neither in vain nor aging(4 cell seed starting trays). Natural material disinfection and warm soup seed diffusion technology can be applied(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale pakistan). Natural substances can be disinfected by soaking in potassium permanganate 300 times solution for 2 hours, wood vinegar 200 times solution for 3 hours, lime water 100 times solution for 1 hour or copper sulfate 100 times solution for 1 hour(50 cell seed trays).

Moreover, cucumber seedlings have strong rooting ability and slow seedling growth after loading(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale pakistan). The initial stage of differentiation is the asexual period, the appearance of female sex is the bisexual period, and finally the unisexual flower is formed in the same direction as the unisexual period(128 cell seedling trays). Take the newly dried honeycomb briquette, crush it and screen it, so put it in the basin, evenly sow the seeds, and wet it for 3 days.

Compact plant type, stout stem, short node, spreading leaves, dark green and bright color, no disease(18 cell seed starting trays). In addition to strong seedlings, the corresponding ones are overgrown seedlings, rigid seedlings, aging seedlings and sick seedlings, which are collectively referred to as inferior seedlings(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale pakistan). In traditional seedling raising, leaf color is often used as an important indicator of the strength of seedlings. 

The seeds can also be frozen or diffused with 55 ℃ hot water(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale pakistan). It is recommended to disinfect them with steel preparation and soak them in 30 ℃ warm water for 4 ~ 6 hours(18 cell seed trays). Flower bud differentiation of cucumber goes through three stages: asexual, bisexual and unisexual(105 cell propagation trays). When the seedlings are often in the low temperature environment below 10 ℃, a large number of purple anthocyanins will be formed in the leaves.

Except for unisexual lines, generally early maturing varieties have begun flower bud differentiation at the time of seed leaf development, and flower primordia are differentiated in leaf buds, and only leaf buds are differentiated at the growth point(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale pakistan). The skin is dark green, with obvious luster, dense thorns, medium tumors, light green flesh, crisp texture, sweet taste, excellent quality, storage and transportation, and long shelf life(6 cell seed trays).

When it is good for male differentiation, male fertilization stops and male lands develop to form male flowers, and vice versa(black plastic ground cover). The honey swallow cucumber grows vigorously, the main vine and the side vine have full female flowers, the fruit is very early, and the yield is high(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale pakistan). 40 days after germination, when there are 6 true leaves, the 30th node has differentiated, and the 24th node has differentiated into flower buds.

or occasionally when environmental conditions are suitable for the differentiation of females and males, bisexual flowers will be formed(8 cell plug trays). Low temperature and short daylight are beneficial to the formation of image flowers, not only increase the number of dimension flowers, but also reduce the position of implantation nodes, so the cold season seedling cultivation is beneficial to the formation of female flowers(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale pakistan).

Compared with self rooted seedlings(20 cell seed trays), grafted seedlings of cucumber can enhance disease resistance, stress resistance and dehydration absorption, so as to improve crop yield and quality(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale pakistan). The melon strips are straight and straight, with a length of about 35 cm. The best day temperature is about 25℃, and the night temperature is 13~16℃(72 cell tray). The short day and low night temperature male flowers form early and more.

The appropriate ground temperature is 18~20℃(10cm flower pot). Therefore, it is better to adopt the variable temperature method for Dongqi temperature management. shade in summer, can increase production by about 30%(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale pakistan). For example, when raising seedlings of autumn cucumbers(36 cell seed trays), due to the high temperature, long sunshine, and small temperature difference between day and night, ethephon can be used for treatment.

12 days after germination of early-maturing cucumber varieties, when the first true leaf is unfolded, the main branch has differentiated into the seventh node, and the flower bud differentiation begins in the third to fourth node(40 cell plug tray). It is customary to think that the darker the leaf color of the seedlings, the better, and the autumn seedlings with dark green, purple-green, and dark green leaves are strong seedlings(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale pakistan).

Cucumber flower buds differentiated at seedling stage(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale pakistan). According to local climate characteristics, crops and actual production conditions, choose suitable greenhouses, solar greenhouses or plastic sugar(19cm plastic plant pot). In winter, the temperature of covering polyvinyl film is 1~2℃ higher than that of green film, and the light transmittance is 5%~10%(200 cell seedling trays). It is suitable for high-yield and high-quality cultivation and covering before April.

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