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Cheap Plastic Nursery Seedling Trays Suppliers USA

Since the water surface in the cluster-type layout is generally small(plant plastic trays), it is necessary to deal with the relationship between virtual and real, and pay attention to leaving a certain proportion of the water surface and the gap between the peaks. Qunfeng style is also known as overlapping style(72 cell trays). Commonly used stones such as tortoise stone and yingde stone, etc., generally need to be cut.

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The front, back and forth levels are many and extremely rich, presenting the natural scenery of overlapping peaks and overlapping mountains(3.5 inch square plastic pots). Water and dry bonsai mainly use plants, rocks, soil, water, accessories, etc. as materials(18 cell trays bulk). Shallow stone basins are mostly used for the production of dry land, and the bottom of the basin needs to be opened for drainage to facilitate the growth of the trees.(cheap plastic nursery seedling trays suppliers usa)

Through processing and layout(plastic nursery trade pots), the method of separating water and soil by rocks and water is used to express the natural water surface, dry land, trees, and rocks in a shallow basin. A kind of landscape bonsai. From famous mountains and rivers to small bridges and flowing water, from mountains and forests to rural scenery, if the water surface is treated(104 cell trays bulk), different seasonal scenery can be expressed.

(cheap plastic nursery seedling trays suppliers usa)As the water surface part, the basin bottom does not have holes to store water(sureroots deep cell plug trays). The rock materials used in flood and dry bonsai are mostly hard. It is difficult for general tree bonsai to express the interest of trees by the water, and landscape bonsai can only use trees as ornaments of mountain and rock appendages, so they all have greater limitations(72 cell trays bulk). Scenery in nature is often interconnected and an indivisible whole.

Spring water slides, summer water overflows, autumn water is bright, winter water dries up(plant trays without holes). Traditional Chinese painting theory compares stone to bones, water to blood, and woods to clothes. There are also sayings that "mountains live by water" and "trees make stones grow", explaining the interdependence of natural scenery(36 cell trays bulk). The strength of Shuizao Bonsai lies in the artistic reproduction of this complete landscape.(cheap plastic nursery seedling trays suppliers usa)

If a few characters, animals, buildings, boats and other accessories are properly placed, it can also express themes that are full of life, so it has a strong natural atmosphere(128 cell plug tray). But it must be coordinated and unified to become an organically connected artistic whole, and the processing and modeling must focus on the pursuit of nature and wild interest(51 cell trays bulk). Flood and drought bonsai are mostly based on trees, but also landscapes.

(cheap plastic nursery seedling trays suppliers usa)The production of flower and grass bonsai generally consists of herbal flowers(v9 nursery pots), such as orchids, chrysanthemums, calamus, bowl lotus, asparagus, narcissus, iris, ornithogalum, etc.; woody flowers such as rose, peony, rhododendron, camellia, etc. can also be used. Mainly show the natural scenery of heavy mountains and waters, mountains and peaks, and peaks(40 cell trays bulk). They are generally composed of multiple groups of rocks.

It is not only different from tree bonsai, which is based on ornamental tree posture, but also different from ordinary potted plants without artistic treatment(4 inch square greenhouse pots); it not only highlights the ornamental value of famous flowers and grass, but also pays attention to the graceful shape of bonsai(plastic seed trays). The peaks must be of uneven height, moderate density, and different shapes. The peaks are higher than the scattered ones.(cheap plastic nursery seedling trays suppliers usa)

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